Mass Effect 2

So, It's Probably Pretty Good Huh?

While we spend our time constantly thinking about our GOTY. I sit here thinking about what should be my GOTY. As someone who only owns a PS3 I am very excited to start playing Mass Effect 2 next year, While personally my choice for GOTY this year is Red Dead Redemption. I feel it's only because I haven't gotten to play Mass Effect 2 yet. That might be a pretty bold statement, but after playing the demo I'm officially on board the hype train.

While Riding The Hype Train.

Being excited for a game almost everyone has already played yet is a really weird thing. I feel like a bit of a chump for not having a decent PC to play the first and second on, but also nobody likes being the person that's late to the party anyways. Especially considering I just got my first taste of the game with the release of the demo on the PSN.

I'll admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of Dragon Age Origins due to the fact I really didn't enjoy the combat, though that's probably due to the fact I was playing it on my PS3, but what I've seen of Dragon Age 2 is looking to be really awesome. I'm just a little bummed that I missed most of the story in the first one due to it being not all that fun to play. With Mass Effect 2 I feel I get to redeem myself, sort of. At least I get the interactive comic that I can use to make choices I couldn't of in the first game. Even if it isn't the full experience of the first game.

So while I'm a bit bummed out I can't play the first one, and I'm late to the party. I am still glad I'll soon be able to experience the game. Because, apparently, I here it's pretty good.

Of course in typical fashion I'll leave you all with a song to enjoy, if you so choose to of course. To no surprise it's another song by Shad, the biggest thing out of Canada till Quebec separates.

Enjoy, Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


What Have I Missed Out On This Year?

Being a high school student working a part time job on the weekends. I don't have that much to spend on games. But when I do buy a game for full price here in Canada ($69.99) I try to pick a game I have been really excited for. Or I will buy some cheaper perhaps little older games. 
That being said with the first half of this year being great for games. What have I missed out on? Is Bayonetta fixed on the PS3 to the point where it's worth a buy now? 
Any advice would be great considering I have only played three big release games this year. (Just Cause 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2 , Red Dead Redemption, Heavy Rain and Mod Nation Racersa) Also it has to be on the PS3 because thats all I have right now...


Ranting About Section 8

Tooting My Own Horn.

If you haven't visited

The Bachelor

page on the site yet. You might. I don't know I'm no mind reader. But it's something I have worked hard(ly) on. And despite the quality in that page is probably at the same level of the actual game.

Now back to your regularly scheduled nonsense.

So. Section 8 Claimed Another Victim.

This Halo/Battlefield like game is getting around. Sorta

So. I was talking to a friend of mine about my new found "gem". What I didn't know is that before the game's release. He was also very interested in it. He didn't have a 360 or even a PS3 at the time. (He was hanging out with his Wii out). But with the naked eye it sorta looked like Halo to him. And that was enough for a little hype. No fast forward to present day. He now has a Playstation 3. (Cause the Wii clearly only can do one thing right. Make fine ass bread). And after I bought Section 8. I told him about it. I told him it isn't that bad. And worth the 10 dollars. So today he bought a $20 PSN card and asked me what to buy. I gave him a good list of games. (Burn Zombie Burn, Rocket Knight, BF 1943 etc...) To my surprise he decided to spend some of it on Section 8. He hasn't got around to playing it yet. But I feel some what guilty for dragging him into this crazy..... thing.

Other Games: Making Stuff, Remaking Stuff and Unreal Stuff.

S8 has been taking up all of my time. Which probably doesn't really help my cause. But I got back into Mod Nation Racers. And I really think my favorite aspect of the game is making karts. But I have not and probably will not attempt to re-create anything. I was actually thinking of making a Jeff Mod character because they people have made all of the fantastic four except "The Man of Science" himself.

I would post pictures of my karts. But I don't really know how to get them off my PS3.

But if you want to check them out online visit

. Or search up the PSN name Interfect and check em out. Comments, votes, anything is appreciated really.

Also I recently got into The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. I was at my local Game Stop and noticed it as a new for $29.99 Remembering the praise and good things I heard about it. I decided to buy it and give it a shot. I didn't really know what to expect and all I really knew about it is that it's an FPS. And I was too young to remember Pitch Black all that well.

Who turned out the lights?

So to make sure I got the story in order. I fired up Escape from Butcher Bay. As soon as I saw Riddick get dragged through Butcher Bay by mother fucking Xzibt! I was really excited. But also really immersed in the setting. It also is good to note that this game even in 2010 it looks pretty. I like the dark gritty look of it. When I got thrown it my cell and heard those brothers torturing the guy in their cell. I realized. This ain't Arkham.

I just recently got t the part where I have to find a way into the mines. And just overall I'm really enjoying this game. The shooting isn't perfect. But it's fine. I really did enjoy beating that crap out of the inmates for money. I just didn't know the fat guy would have a shiv.... :(

Aww But It Was Just Sorta Getting Good.

So.... I cant find a way to wrap up this whole mess of a blog. But please check out my karts on Mod Nation Racers (PS3 version). And. Uh. Heres another video from "The biggest thing out of Canada till Quebec separates". And I'f ya like Shad. Buy his album's on iTunes or wherever. He deserves all the credit he can get. Which is more than I can say for that "other" new Canadian rapper (god awful Drake).

Anyways see ya.

PSN: Interfect

Enjoy. THis song is a bit of a slower song. But still. Beautiful in my opinion.

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Abe Can Now Be Found On Section 8. For $9.99!

A quick note. None of these games recently came out on the PSN Store here in North America. But Section 8 did and still is on sale for 9.99 where the original price was 29.99. 

Dude.... It was 10 bucks. I'll Get My Moneys Worth.... Right?


 10 dollars worth of Space Marineness.

So. Before Section 8 came out. I was sorta on the hype train for it despite it being a Xbox 360 exclusive at launch. It seemed like a pretty cool combination of Halo-like  Sci-Fi space dudes with Battlefiled-like gameplay. Anyways it seems that game isn't very good. But when the PSN store starts selling it for $9.99. I downloaded the demo just so it wasn't THAT. The demo is multiplayer only. And only has one mode and one map. But I liked what I played. I mean it wasn't the greatest FPS game I've ever played. But it also wasn't the worst. And it interested me. So I decided to buy it.. The campaign isn't very good. Like Jeff said it is pretty much a tutorial to the Multiplayer. But me being a trophy whore. I decided to play it on Hard instead of Medium... And a bad campaign is made worse by it being pretty hard with no "natural" way of playing through it.  
When I say "natural" I mean a mechanic (cover system) or something that I can use and get good at using. That will help me through the game. There is a item in the game that is pretty much a futuristic wrench. And it allows you to repair turrets and supply crates. But you can also use it to regenerate your health.... Because guys in space marines need beams of energy to give them more health. The problem is that the regenerate speed is slow to the point it makes you wish your health could regenerate on it's own like your Shield. Or perhaps have health packs lying around your allied and enemy's base. 
So far I don't care too much for the campaign. The story is very uninteresting and I'm pretty much doing the same stuff as in the Multiplayer. But when I'm actually playing multiplayer I actually enjoy the game. The shooting is not perfect. The guns do lack impact. But if you can get past that you can see some pretty cool ideas. But for 10 bucks. I could of bought much worse.. Like a Soulja Boy album... Actually I wouldn't listen to one even if I got paid too.... 

Wait, Follow Me.


A face only a mother could love.. And me. 
Also on the PSN store in the PS1 classic's section is...... Abe's Mother Fuckin' Oddeysee. Which for the low low price of 9.99 was a must buy for me. When I was a kid I used to love to play this game. I found it very hard and would end up settling for something a little easier. But just seeing wacky Abe running around was enough to make me happy at the age of 4. 
Now 12 years later. This game is sorta hard. Well a little. But I haven't played a lot of it But what I have played I have enjoyed.  
But playing a game Called Abe's Oddeysee got me thinking. What if Abe was replaced by Abe Lincoln? Would that all of a sudden make the game better? I started to imagine Honest Abe telling the Mullock's to wait or follow him. But I realized, Abraham Lincoln would never settle to wash floors in a meat processing plant. And would never let him and his friends get turned into  Popsicles. 

The End.

So. I wrap this all up. Section 8 is pretty good online. And Abe is a pretty good. Funny platformer. But what was the better deal? Section 8 for $9.99 or  Abe's Oddeysee for $9.99? 
Also I leave you now with the "Biggest Thing Out Of Canada Since Pamela's Double D's" Enjoy! 

Sony, We Need To Talk.

Pretty Shitty Portable.

Now As much as I enjoy my Playstation 3 and even Playstation 2 sometimes. One thing I doubt Sony will ever sell me on is the PSP. Be it the current generation or the next one. For one if I really felt like playing handheld games, I would just buy a Nintendo DS. Because when it comes to gaming on the go. Time after time I have looked to Nintendo and they have not disappointed. My Gameboy Advance SP has lasted me a very long time and I can still find good used games to play on it. 
 I have nothing clever to say about this picture other then that, I'm kind of glad I don't one of these things. And that last sentence isn't very clever anyways.
 Another thing is that the 3DS right now. Looks much better then anything I could imagine for a handheld system. Which leads me to doubt what Sony can include enough meaningful upgrades to the PSP to sell me on it. I find it kind of ironic Nintendo seems to have beaten Sony to the punch with 3D displays in a handheld. With Sony's big push on 3D TV's, Blu-Ray, PS3 games and what not. You would think the PSP might get in on that 3D goodness. Also I bet if Sony was to include 3D in the next PSP I bet it wouldn't be as (meaningful) as the 3D in the 3Ds. Because I bet I would have to wear stupid 3D glasses to see it anyways. 

Butler, Meet Rivers.

Now I really enjoy the marketing campaign Sony has going on with the K Man. But the introduction of the wisecracking 12 year old Marcus Rivers has left me a little bit disappointed. If you don't know who I'm talking about he is the advertiser for the PSP and PSPGo. 
Heres a video that will help explain a little more. 
Now I in no way hate the kid. I just find him to be too fake. Kevin Butler comes off as a little more "human" then this kid. Also I find the ad campaign to be kind of useless. Since I don't see what good can come out of it. 
So in the end am I just crazy for not seeing what an amazing handheld the PSP is? Has Kevin Butler finally met his match? Will the next true PSP have what the original should of in the first place and then some? Will it be enough to take on the 3Ds? And where the heck are my pants!?

A Website About.... Video Games! (As A Matter Of Fect Ep # 2)

Note. The following blog is not directed at any group or individual. I am merely making some observations, relating them to the sites history and stating my opinion as I have seen it. I may or may not be 100% accurate about my statements. But then again an opinion is never 100% accurate,

Part 1. Why We Came Here In The First Place.

Well. Why did you bother showing up here. Well I'll tell you why I came here and maybe we can understand our purpose in this site (if some of you don't already know) . 
I started listening to the podcast around the episode where the World of Warcraft drinks were tested. I joined the site roughly day one maybe day two. Now I may not of contributed as much as I should have. I mostly read the forums with out posting etc. But I also came here because this is the absolute best website about video games on the internet. I love games. Any game and console really or any concept. And I love to read and write about games as well. I also respect ever member of this site. To the regular users to the mods and to the staff members. Every single one of us makes the site as wonderful as it is. We may not all agree. And with a lot of the community being very funny colorful individuals just the like the staff. I can understand when jokes or comments go too far. And discussions and debates and disagreements are acceptable here. We have probably the strongest freedom of speech on any game site.  But lets just remember why we are here. We love video games. And nothing should come between that. 

Part 2. Why We Cant Have Nice Things...

As stated we may not all agree on what the community or staff member says. But we must respect them still. And as stated debates and heated disagreements may arise. But when is it okay to disrespect certain groups or people over and opinion. We all have fan boys and what have you. We know how the staff and other members of the community feel about certain topics. So when we see a comment, statement or opinion I don't know why we need to jump on someones throat for saying what they said. Perhaps it would be better the lines between a joke or sarcasm and a actual fact or opinion were a little bit clearer for everyones sake when ever something is said and may be controversial. 
Anyways thank you for reading this. I do not want to be a savior of some sort who tries to save giantbomb from what negative aspects may come its way. I just want to voice my opinion on how some people may take opinions too far. For safety I'll have my flame shield close by. But I don't think I'll need it. Right guys?

As A Matter Of Fect (Cause It's Unreal)

Hey everyone and welcome to As A Matter Of Fect. I am Interfect (myself, and Zach) And I'm going to be doing this as a semi regular blog. As in whenever I get around to it. Which hopefully is on a regular basis. So read on and enjoy.

Cause, I Gotta.

I feel I deserve to finish Just Cause 2. The reason is I kind of want it to be my shinning trophy of my dedication and achievement in completing a game full of tons of content. I don't want to bother getting the combat specific trophies (ie: attach a dude to wall then pinata his ass tell he dies 25 times). But I do feel the need to  at least collect every little blue drop and complete every location. Maybe do more races. Which I recently found out can be used to farm money if you strapped for cash and are too busy destroying locations to do the missions that give you decentish amounts of money. I'm about 25ish hours in and about 35.5 percent done the game. I have finished the agency missions. Which I have to say the 2 last missions are kind of a drag. Like the boss battle before the missile sequence is kind of annoying with those damn (ninjas?) re spawning and Baby Panne being a ass with his launcher. To make this super anti climatic I was listening to a podcast at the time on my iPod and had muted the sound on my tv. Therefore I didn't know what really happened or why.  Then again I did not get Just Cause 2 for it's story. 

So Unreal, It's Uh.... Unreal.

A recently got my copy of Unreal Tournament 3 back from my friend and I decided to play some of it. Now I do have both Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2. So You may be wondering why the hell I would play such a game as UT3. Well to be honest I fucking love this game. I think it's super fun and gives me an idea of what first person shooters were life back in the day. Which I know the game is very dated even at launch in was. But by playing this. I have really grown to respect that type of gameplay and the other shooters of this type. Since I was not around when Quake 2 was out this is the best I have.  
I tried UT3's online. And the first game I played put it in was a deathmatch game with me and 2 other human dudes and the rest bots. In the end I came in 3rd. But I realized. A trophywhore like myself is actually in luck. As long as they don't shut down the online. I can attempt to get all the online trophies by setting up my own game with bots. I mean i know it wont be much fun. I could always play against the very few human players left If I want some actual competition and fun. There is something about the old school game play that is really fun after playing  the more modern type games like Bad Company 2 and MW2. Whats unfortunate it seems to be gameplay wise ands structure wise somewhat stuck in a timewarp. Where it doesn't know whether to be a more modern military Battlefield type game. And a just original old school type game. Also the single player campaign is uh. Pretty bad considerings all it is, is a little bit of story in between bot matches of deathmatch and other game types.

Stalk Me.... If you so need to.

Anyways if anyone wants to add me on PSn and play some Unreal Tournament 3 Bad Company 2 or anything else I Am.... Interfect. 
And if for whatever reason you feel the need to add me on twitter here it is
And I leave you bombers with a band. Who's concert here in Vancouver ended up being my very first rock concert. enjoy.
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I Cant Sing So I SCREAM!!

I Cant Sing So I SCREAM!!

Ahhh screamo music. How I very much enjoy listening to you. I think the idea of screaming instead of singing is a great idea if done right. I like music. In fact I like lots of different styles of music. But I really only think screaming should be used in rock,punk and metal music. Lately I've been seeing a really bad trend going around. And that is the usages of screaming in music when it is absolutely not necessary, granted you believe in rock,punk and metal it may be necessary to scream.  Here let me show you what I mean. 
  also they make the sony playstaion look bad, really really bad
  See what I mean completely unnecessary. Also here's another original song by Dot Dot Curve who actually write music and not covers and do this ALL THE TIME !
Anyways I think these songs are good reasons why people do no not need to scream at every opportunity. 
Also I will now leave you my good bombin' buddies with some actual decent music by Comeback Kid. A band who uses screams very well while the music is actually fitting with the vocals. Enjoy 

I Will Grow Old, But I Will Never Grow Up.


Ah post secondary.You are the most bitter and most sweetest thing about high school. Your bitter because I'm such a lazy little fuck that I doubt I would get any work done. Your also bitter because I have to work to get in to you.(don't make that crude) And as stated I'm a pretty lazy ass dude. But also post secondary is such a bright light at the end of this tunnel. Why? Well because I don't want to work at Mc Donalds for the rest of my life. Shocker! But really I got aspirations and what not. I really want to get into college for journalism and or creative writing. Journalism because well I love the news. Video Game journalism is the most exciting for me but music is also pretty cool. But also creative writing because I'm sure it would help in journalism but also because I love writing. Be it poetry, lyrics, short stories or what not. I always got my ideas that got nowhere to go. Anyways maybe if I wasn't writing this and decided to study for math I would have a better chance even getting in.

"That's What She Said"

Anyone listen to Sarcastic Gamer? My they are a bunch of crazy people. In a good way. I listen to every podcast (red,pink,blue,brown) except the community cast. And they may not be as professional and insightful as ze Giantbombcast. But damn they are funny. I was surprised when I listened to the pink show for the first time the ladies can bring the jokes too. Last week the Red show talked about them fucking their consoles. If you want to listen to it. Give sarcastic gamer red show on itunes a search and listen to the episode "love thy console" it's pretty good. Also they have a lot of sex and "that's what she said" jokes, which is right up my alley, being an immature sex on the brain teenager. Anyways the Giantbombcast is still the "beast" podcast out there.

Stunt Positioning Your Mom

So I bought Just Cause 2. After putting at least 3 hours in the demo. That game is really dumb. But it's so awesome. Just hit the notes of crazy that very few open world games hit. I never played the first one but I learned really quickly how to use the grapple and parachute. And that has to be the best two mechanics in open world games since. I don't know driving cars. But what's great is that it is better then driving cars. Why? because I cant drive a car up a mountain. But I can parachute climb it. Also the game looks really pretty. I'm playing the PS3 version and i think it is one if not the best looking open world game out there. In terms of scope and whatnot. Rico has sort of a funny looking face as does everyone else really. Also the voice acting is so bad its good. But that's for another day.
So for the rest of the night I leave you with a song from that band Randy Jackson was in. Good night everyone (or good morning or good afternoon) and "Have fun at dinner"

When Is More Important Then Games Themselves

We are So Oscar Mic Right Now

Well that was kind of a crazy week. For one thing I didn't get a lot of gaming done. I'm just about done Borderlands (I think) then I'm going to buy the dlc for it... Maybe. I'm also playing through Bad Company 2's single player. Which is really fun and all. But it hasn't been as crazy stupid sort of awesome MW2's campaign was, Well at least not yet. But I perfer Bad Company 2's multi-player over MW2's multi-player so I guess it's all good. But playing BC2's mp is also sort of a bummer when nobody in my squad has mics. Probably has something to do with the PS3's (which is the console I'm playing on) not having mics in the box like the Xbox 360. Also I really hope all the DLC remains free. Just because the Stimulus Map Pack sold roughly 2.5 million copies in the first 24 hours doesn't meen it was a good idea, It just meant it made some good money in a short period of time.
 This guy is sort of a funny dude. Haggard doesn't seem to like him too much though. Also the part when they talk about Fiddy Cent is pretty funny.

Call me York, or Zach. Everyone Calls Me York, But I talk to Zach, Who is also Me, So Call Me one of the Two.

 I didn't get into the Persona ER back in the day. But I started watching Team VJ's ER and man what a blast it is to watch them play this sort of bad but in an awesome sort of way game. I'm actually thinking of getting a copy for myself. But having to import it from Japan with no English menus is sort of a bummer. But then I recently switched to Team BR's ER because they are alot further in the game then Jeff and Vinny. The only realy downside to wtaching BR's ER is that it isn't as funny/entertaining as VJ's. Besides the shooting, the driving and the graphics this game seems kind of amazing in that bad sort of way. But day after day as soon as I got home from school I had to watch the new ER's. But then after watching them I didn't really want to get off the comp to go play games (my chair is pretty comfy). Instead I read a lot of the comments and just looked at stuff on GB, Hung around on Facebook and made some music. Okay so maybe it isn't GB's fault I didn't beat Borderlands yet. But those awesome ER's did not help.
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