Night Elf Mohawks FTW!! Foo. (Whats Your Game?)

So. I've been seeing a lot of WOW commercials advertising these Night Elf Mohawk grenades with Mr. T. Now being as someone who has played WOW at friends houses before and really liked it. I kind of want to get into WOW. And this commercial really convinces me to get a Mohawk fool.

  Anyways this level of celebrity influence on a video game seems kind of crazy to me. Butt in an awesome way.
And I was wondering what celebrity would you guys like to see advertise WOW with our without special in game stuff?
I would love to see someone like Slash or Angus Young to advertise WOW. And maybe give people in game guitars as weapons. That would be awesome!
Posted by Edin899

This is youtube spam and that commercial was kinda good the first time but after seeing it for like a million times on tv i really don't want to play WOW. 
And why are they still advertising WOW, its already got a billion subscribers, just wasting money if you ask me.

Posted by Emandudeguyperson

Don't attach your dumb blog with no discussion value to the forums.

Posted by Coltonio7
@Interfect said:


lol butt
Posted by Venatio

This question may be really stupid but are there Mohawk grenades in WOW?

Posted by addictedtopinescent

Damn that shit is awesome

Posted by mracoon
@Edin8999: @Emandudeguyperson: This isn't spam. He actually put some of his own commentary and asked a question which you both ignored. Now if he just posted a video and didn't write anything then I would be the first person to flag it.
Anyway I don't know if you can top Mr. T, they had Ozzy do an ad as well but it still wasn't as good.
Posted by erinfizz

Yeah, FTR, this isn't spam by a long shot. Chill y'all!  It does however belong on the in the WOW forum...

Posted by Grilledcheez

Umm, Dwight Shrute?  SHRUTE BUCKS 
And yeah, this isn't spam.  It's good stuff and a unique topic

Posted by Suicidal_SNiper
@GrilledCheez01 said:
" Umm, Dwight Shrute?  SHRUTE BUCKS "
Wow, he was the last guy on my mind but he's definitely who I'd want to see. Damn that would be hella sweet.
I could just see him...
Dwight: "Uhh, Michael, I'm not coming to work tomorrow." 
Michael: "What!? Why?" 
Dwight: "Michael! I sent you my schedule two weeks ago! Tonight we have to kill the Lich King!"
Posted by Grilledcheez
@Suicidal_SNiper: Haha, that's perfect!  Lich King ad campaign confirmed
Posted by Milkman
@Edin8999 said:

This is youtube spam

@Emandudeguyperson said:

Don't attach your dumb blog with no discussion value to the forums.