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I hope they fix it soon.

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I'm confident we will see more premium content next week once they are all settled in from Pax and are done hammering out content ideas. I think they even mentioned something about expecting more soon.

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Hey duders. I'm a longtime fan of the site, since the beginning actually and mostly a forum lurker. The Giant Bomb guys have always been a huge inspiration for me particularly when it comes to my writing. So much so that I even took to writing about games for a small website for a little while as a volunteer. Writing about games was fun and I obviously love talking about them, but my true writing passion is actually slam poetry. It may seem unlikely that the GB crew could influence someone's poetry, but I even take inspiration from their music like Midnight Brown, Headboard, and The Suburban All-Stars and not just their work in games.

I've always thought the GB community to be really positive and supportive of each other when it comes to creative work which is why I feel confident posting this here. Just today I had a slam poetry piece published on Thought Catalog for the first time and I thought that while this is very off-topic, some of you guys might want to check it out.

The link is below and I would love some feedback if at all possible. Thanks for being a great community and keep being awesome.

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I played one co-op match and then stopped after I realized it was yet another "buy items for a certain amount of time" free to play game.

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That was the greatest song I have ever heard in my entire life!!

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New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

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@assinass said:

Dual wielding shotguns is like nirvana.

you don't need to use ADS (aim down sights) here because hip-fire is accurate unlike most games.

It's much more beneficial when you're being flanked around and don't want to be in one spot behind cover doing the ol' Left Trigger -> Right Trigger. The game incentivises you to fucking move with the sliding ability and health overchargers lying around like candy.

the shooting mechanics and hit feedback are excellent here.

There's a damn good reason most games don't make hip-firing accurate. It's not. At all. Some of the best shooters in the world couldn't pull off those lengthy pistol headshots from the hip, and your average shooter probably couldn't hit a tank from that far away. You have no visual of where the barrel is pointed in terms of verticality when hip-firing. It's virtually impossible to aim a pistol from distance and tell a shot that's going to hit in the dirt from one that will sail high over the target, and if we're talking about a gun that's held in one hand from the side slightly rotated towards center as well, it's even more insane. Millimeters of adjustment drastically alter bullet trajectory at range, and without any semblance of a sight picture, notions of "accuracy" are pretty much laughable.

I'm willing to grant this some latitude because it's a video game, but those shots in that first .gif are completely f***ing ridiculous. As is dual-wielding shotguns, ARs, etc. given recoil, stability, et al. Not that I necessarily expect a ton of "realism" from a Wolfenstein game set in an alternate reality, but when you're praising the "excellent" shooting mechanics, I feel like I should point out the massive flaws. If you want to credit the game for doing something different or more fun to you in making it a viable strategy to run around guns blazing with dual-wielded ARs, that's fine, but let's not act like they nailed it here in terms of actual shooting mechanics. I get if you're bored of using ADS, but don't confuse "more fun" with reality.

Not that CoD or most first-person shooters get it exactly right, either. In general, the "accurate while running" concept is incredibly unreasonable and off-hand shooting is WAY too stable. However, I get why games don't ask you to stop moving and find a rest to take a shot at range in the interest of fun, and I'm willing to suspend disbelief enough in most games to not get pissed that my superhero badass can shoot a running guy while he's also running off-hand at a few hundred yards. Hell, I play plenty of CoD, and my avatar here is from Goldeneye, a game which featured the ability to to dual-wield RPGs. I'm honestly not big on complaining about liberties games take from reality, because they're games, after all. That said, let's call a spade a spade. An arcade-y mechanic is not necessarily a "good" mechanic.

You're not a fun person to hang out with, are you?

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I grabbed the key. Thanks, duder! Can't wait to try it!