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Extra Credits are awesome and do really cool videos.

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$60.8 million

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Marvel Heroes is a pretty great dungeon crawler/diablo-esque action RPG. It's also free-to-play and not in a gross way which is pretty nice.

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@turambar said:

They've been doing Endurance-esque videos for awhile now. It wasn't that long ago that Brad's run of Demon's Souls ended. We'll get another one when another game one of them feels like playing on stream from start to end pops back up again.

Also, this is another reason why I'm okay with there not being a new ER.

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It's funny you mention this as I'm currently rewatching the DP endurance run watching both Brad and Ryan, and Jeff and Vinny's back to back. To answer your question; yes, but I also thought Chrono Trigger was a bad game for the last ER so maybe it is for the best they aren't doing another one.

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I'd love to play LOTR: War in The North. I always wanted to try the Champions of Norrath games on the PS2 but never got around to it.

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I would be happy to take The Sims 3 steam key.

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Could I have Awesomenauts? Please???

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That is pretty sharp looking. The lights are a bit much though. What I really want is that NES Dualshock controller!

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Well done sir. Fantastic first post. Also, if you haven't posted it already, "Cunt" - Vinny Caravella is quite a popular quote