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I watched this.. Yeah the dude is nuts. VIDEO GAMES ARE REAL TO ME YOU FUCK!!!

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Cole's most feared enemy captured in a photo for the first time:

The Beast.

Fuuuck. Way to go. SPOILERS!!!!
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@skyline7284: Fuuucckkkk. And Jeff could pretend to be  Duke Nukem. Can't I just team up with all of them?
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Brad. Because only he can pull a Brad.

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Enjoy!!! This will probably be in the game.
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Bah, it's probably those Screened guys holding up our Bombcast. 
That's too cute.
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@Kiera: You know what's the best part about Fox? Family Guy and The Simpsons.. That's it.
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No, but the system of moral choices modeled after Bioware's Paragon/Renegade style should be changed. I liked how Alpha Protocol handled it. Granted, you were always either a professional asshole, a sarcastic asshole or a violent asshole, but at least the choices felt like they carried some weight.
Alpha Protocol was awesome.. Like amazing. I'm not done ME2 but I still like AP over it.
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@Kiera: Well. From now on when I call in that lazer beam strike in Crysis 2's multiplayer. I'm going to scream into my mic that I'm "making it rain on them homes". Eventually I'll get to be as cool as Jeff.
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It is morally wrong to watch Fox News.

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1. Stop using the term "gamer" or at the very least don't speak for everyone who is a fan of games and lump them in your "gamer" group. 2. Stop caring about what some media outlets say about video games. FOX news talked a whole bunch of yang on Mass Effect and that did not change the fact that it is a quality game and was very successful. FOX is just preaching to the choir, they are not converting people to hate video games and gay people. 
What short hand term for "people that partake in the hobby of playing interactive entertainment" would you prerfer? -_-  
I like to consider myself a "playa"
But girls don't like playas : p
But we all play games. And "gamer" seems less fly than "playa". Also I secretly just want to be as cool as Jeff Gerstmann.