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In my new game "Routine Checkup" you take your dog to the vet and find out Mr. Ruff Ruff has brain cancer and needs surgery you cant afford so you have to say your last goodbyes. You hold him in your arms as he struggles to keep his eyes open as the lethal injection sends him to doggie dreamland for the last time.

It's great fun!

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At this point I am only subscribed for Giant Bomb East content. Dan is all over everything from GB West and I don't care for him at all. But my opinion doesn't count, Giant Bomb gonna do what it gonna do.

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I'm not a fan of the all-digital future. Fuck the future.

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that is a-one a-spicy a-news!

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They never supported that fuckin thing. Making you buy it isn't the same as supporting it. You want the kinect to catch on? Well you have to make fun games for it.

Lots of fun games.

Not 2 fun games, lots of games.

Navigating on the xbox 360 with my Kinect was never fun or an improvement over the controller so why would I use that? The only cool thing I used my Kinect for was pausing/playing movies on Netflix. "XBOX PAUSE"

Also I don't blame Microsoft for making sound changes to the way they are selling the xbox one. It is full of spiders and the spiders are on fire, plus it's more expensive than it's competitor. Make those changes, sell more units.

Have you guys seen that Hero Cat video? That shit is bananas!

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FK in the mashed potatos

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I still don't like it.

The backlash to this takeover isn't baseless. there are legit reasons why people did not react well to suddenly having the words "social platform" forced into their indie virtual reality device by a soulless mega corp.

However I do feel like a lot of the anti-backlash is not sincere. I feel that white-knighting unpopular corporate moves and mergers has become a new form of trolling.

There is a reason why folks feel like large companies are out to exploit them, and that is because it is historically and intrinsically true.

Facebook is suck. Die Facebook.

(hit me up on facebook if you want to argue some more)

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@brendan said:

It's in situations like these that I feel completely outside the gaming nerd community. I don't use FB heavily but the hate (and love for Twitter) has always been a weird nerd-specific thing that I've just never understood. *peels out on his Harley and tells Hot Babe to hold on tight- zooms off to hit the club and pop bottles in tha VIP*

got some news for you brother if you are reading, posting and paying to support Giantbomb you are a nerd.

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If I donated $300 to the kickstarter how much cheddar should I expect to come my way from this deal

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Well, not jumping for joy here but preemptively screaming that the sky is falling is silly too. See what happens, I guess.

They wouldn't buy the thing if they didn't see it as a way to further their ad-revenue based business model.