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Yes please!

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Bend, OR, USA

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Should have lit the cigarette at the end! He pulls the pack out, puts one in his mouth, opens his lighter, and the game cuts to black when he sparks the flint. Badass.

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If the shirts are the weird polyester material that shrinks the first time you wash it, I'll take a XXL. XL otherwise. PAX Prime is going to be my first PAX and I'm super excited. :)

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PC - internetpizza

This "delay the PC version by a week because reasons" thing is bullshit. Really excited to spend another two hours to 100% the first half of the campaign again.

edit: For those who didn't know, the "beta" that PC owners get access to for pre-ordering is just the first half of the campaign without multiplayer, leaderboards, or track central. It's pretty dumb.

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An article written by Drew!? NICE!

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It's a small thing but the zoom-in on Jeff's face when he says, "I don't think he was fighting it that much" is perfect.

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just gonna leave this videogame-related comment here: strategery's art style is neat.