The Bombcast is right! Space is going to suck!

 Let's face it: space is gonna suck. With all that talk about Starcraft II and it's space truckers, it's got me thinking. Forget hooking up with alien babes, the awesome scientific advancements, cool space ships and lasers. I'm going calling it, space will suck!

 The aliens will suck: Rather than an alliance of sentient species all with their unique cultures and customs we will actually probably never encounter anything. Even if we do it's likely to be deadly micro-organisms, disgusting space bugs that like using our bodies to reproduce, and if sentient: predators. I shit you not on the last one too, apparently Stephen Hawking thinks intelligent life is likely to be hostile. Probably should have thought twice before announcing our existence to the stars.

 First Contact
  The spaceships will suck: When we take into mind the luxurious accommodations in current spacecraft or submarines we can assume things will remain relatively the same. Anything that isn't high priority will be a half-hazardly put together rusting hulk, much like today's shipping vessels. Unless we find a way to just teleport everywhere, travel will suck too. Guess what you'll be doing for most of your trip? Probably what you do now; nap. Inside will be a oppressive atmosphere dominated by metallic colors, grim faces, the constant hum of machinery, and poorly lit corridors which will be perfect for those disgusting space bugs mentioned earlier.

 Lovely ain't it? The foul alien bio-mass is just extra.
 The people will suck: Other then the obvious dangers of space there are the people to consider. Once space travel becomes common place, who do you think will be hanging around? Space being, well, space is bound to be just like the wild west. It's vast expanses will make it a haven for criminals of all types. Besides the obligatory space-pirates, there will be hardened space-cops which will probably kick the shit out of you for looking at them funny. Anyone else who isn't a criminal will probably be an irritable mechanic or transporter. That's probably why everyone is going to be a chain smoker...

You'll be bunking with him.
 Space politics will suck: We all know that totalitarianism is the future. Either we are ruled by one emperor or a militant-fascist alliance with corrupt space-bureaucrats. Aside from the tyrannical government, there are also likely to be dogmatic rebels who will execute you on the slightest suspicion of loyalty to the state. As the government tries to crack down on dissidents of the outer worlds you can count on the police-state to be in full swing. Don't be surprised if you get caught in the middle.  

Sometimes I try to be like HS21

After running though Persona 3: FES for the second time and completing the Aigis social link I got an idea. It was trollin' time and I would pose as some crazy bastard with a robot fetish. So after posting my confession I got some words of encouragement and some words of revulsion but nothing too particular. However one post stood out: 

"At least you don't get off of characters from x anime/ videogame series as lesbians with penises on their navels fucking their mothers who look like anthropomorphic foxes with massive tits.  Sometimes I just think about myself and sigh aloud."