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This is an interesting development. I certainly didn't know such and it's easy to look at things through the dominant cultural view. It's easy to be narrow minded coming from America (well, I'm Canadian, same difference) but I always found it strange that people would say "Why are JRPG's like such and such, that's just weird!" From our cultural prospective, of course it's weird and to expect change is absurd. After all, I couldn't write for a Japanese audience; it makes sense to work with what you know.

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I know the Saturn was kinda piece of shit, but the Dreamcast looks awesome. Graphics blow everything outta the water.

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If you were boring in life, you can be exciting in death. Commit a creative suicide in public and people will remember you always.

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In terms of gameplay P3 is comparatively "rough around the edges." For example; instead of ordering your underlings around directly, you have to rely on their AI to make the right decision.  Otherwise they are pretty similar. 

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Duke will never die.

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I feel that I am not represented by any of these categories!  >=(
- I'm not a new guy cause, well, I've been here for awhile. Beside that, I never did the "HAY GUYZ!" post. 
- I'll admit that sometimes I'm down, but this never manifests into a blog about my sad, sad life. I may be pessimistic but I'm sure no gives a flying fuck about the going's on of my personal life. After all, this is a site about videogames. 
- Sure, I've posted a couple of "Cool story, bro's" before, but upon looking at a Sad Guy's thread and seeing pages and pages of the meme I just abstain from saying anything.  
- I don't report shit, I am not a fucking rat-fink. 
- After looking down my pants, I can conclude I am a male and therefore the last two do not apply.

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I really couldn't care either way; there are enough problems here on Earth if you haven't noticed. Let's be honest here, are we really gonna solve the problem by moving from planet to planet, depleting everything? 

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Gaming on the iPhone/iTouch seems pretty secondary to me. I don't think I have to tell you that anyone dedicated to gaming (and needs it on the go) probably has either a DS or PSP.
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@Djeffers03 said: 
Do seriously get off to cartoons? "
This is Giantbomb, which we all know is full of naked cartoon pussy. Right guys? Wink wink, nudge nudge! ;)
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@LordXavierBritish said:
" So are you showing us a picture of yourself cybering and you were disappointed that he left when he found out you were a boy, or did you just find this somewhere and thought we should know? "
I's be trollin'.