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No. 20, male, Ohio, Youngstown State University.

I was an atheist at 14 when I read a story about a kid leaving church getting shot. I didn't know him, but a coworker had some friends who knew the kid and he was great I heard. I've always questioned religion because even at a young age it didn't make sense to me, especially the stories I heard from the bible. My family are all believers, but not really into all the church stuff. But they pray and all that, just don't really talk about it which I respect. I started reading more information online because I wanted to learn, after reading topics regarding religion and science for years, I'm a firm atheist now. That's all I guess.

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Go to jail like and read law books everyday like Rick Ross and hopefully find a way to prove my innocence or have at least some charges dropped.

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GI Jew: The All American Hebrew

on Payday 2

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RIP Ryan. We all miss you, but love the great memories we have of you. Thank you for sharing everything you did with us, you'll never know how much you meant to so many people.

Love you man.

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Gotta have this playing in the background.

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10 down, 5 up

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30's for depression, 40's and 60's for war.

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Was doing good until I confused the time of one of my finals and missed it. Fuck.

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I don't mind it. I mean, I boot to desktop and never use the metro anyway. I have the taskbar, don't really need it.

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Yeah I'm liking it. Just upgraded my CPU too so it's been running great.