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The lightsabre looks like it should be in No More Heroes.

Anyway it looks like a generic big budget action movie from the trailer which is what I was expecting but still kinda disappointing. It being set on Tattooine (which I've seen enough of to last 20 lifetimes) doesn't help.

Well, in fairness, what else is it gonna be? I would totally watch a minimalist found footage star wars movie though....

I was really hoping some new start up indie company would have picked up the rights for Star Wars, but I guess we'll deal with this big budget trash.

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I enjoyed Elysium.

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John Wick 5/5

Gun choreography was amazing, better than any other action movie I've seen in awhile. The main character who is an ex hitman does something a real hitman would do. Ex.) Everyone he shoots down he double taps them if they weren't hit in the head. He checks bodies before moving on. Also, he reloads realistically and it's all shown well. The movie isn't like every other action movie you see, it doesn't try to mix in badass combat with a bunch of slow, sappy story parts you're supposed to care about. It sets up the plot early on and takes off from there, it doesn't try to be anything it's not.

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Play it all the time on PC. Awesome game, I can always find matches.

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Other than giantbomb, Classic Loveline with Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew. Also, Adam Carolla's current podcast Mon-Fri. If you're a fan of either of them you should at least check out some of the classic loveline episodes. There are a lot of old bands and music, it can be very nostalgic for some as most were recorded in '96. Recently they just put up an episode where Ice-T was a guest on the show. Dr. Drew provides a lot of information while Adam makes it hilarious, if you're into him.

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@angrighandi: The word broken for what we're talking about is horribly misused. Broken because the game didn't look like it's demo? Jesus, half the games you see at E3 are broken as fuck then. Hell, adding over two files gets most of the "E3 effects" back. Reddit has ran with this story like Ubisoft literally stole money from their bank account and released a complete piece of shit game, and I find that far from the truth.

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A nice doc would be awesome.

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Just saw it the other day, very solid movie that had me smiling the entire way through and never bored me for a moment.

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Honestly think many people's opinions of this game are based on huge expectations, I don't feel like I was tricked by purchasing this game. I think the game has done some interesting stuff and still looks great. Yes, you can compare certain physics with GTA 4, if you're the person who bases games on a comparisons, and see some are better. I don't think it's fair to ignore all the great looking parts and improvements. As for it not being polished, what the hell did anyone expect lol.