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@Mitch0712 I've personally had AVG interfere with a few of my games from time to time. It works well, but MSE is good as well. That aside, either one would be a fine choice in all honesty.

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No. Already have a Wii and don't see anything as of right now on either the move or kinetic that will pull me into buying either of this.

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Never played KOTOR. Although for $2.25, that's quite the steal.

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@dankempster said:
" Enter dankempster, Defender of the Strategy Guides! :P  Up until last year, I still bought official strategy guides, for the simple reason that I used to collect them. A little more expensive than stamps, I know, but the principle was the same. The only reason I've stopped is because I no longer have enough disposable income to keep adding to that collection. If I were earning more, I'd definitely still be picking them up.  OSGs have quite a few advantages over web-based guides, in my opinion. Reason number one is that they're just that - official. This means they're often written with support and guidance from the developers themselves, adding an extra air of credibility to their content. Reason number two is the quality of the writing - professionally written OSGs are usually much easier to understand and a lot of the time are spoiler-free. They're also easier to follow than user-submitted guides on sites like GameFAQs, which can often be poorly written, difficult to understand, or even full of spoilers. I think part of this is down to their incorporation of helpful extras like screenshots, which brings me to reason number three - the presentation. OSGs are colourful and filled with official artwork and screenshots, and as a result are a lot easier on the eye than online guides, a lot of which are black and white blocks of text. A fourth reason is convenience - An OSG can be placed on or under the coffee table for easy access and reference while playing. Online guides, on the other hand, have to be read from the screen. If a player's PC is in another room, this can mean a lot of moving back and forth - not exactly convenient or enjoyable. Even if they're printed off, they're basically unsightly wads of paper, much more difficult to keep in order than a tidy book. Reason number five is extras - some guides these days come with snazzy bonuses, like Piggyback's Pro Evolution Soccer guides, which come with accompanying training DVDs to use as a visual aide. The sixth and final reason that I can think of off the top of my head is simply love of a game - if you're crazy about a particular title, getting an OSG to accompany it feels like you're completing a package.  With all that in mind, I honestly don't think official strategy guides are obsolete just yet. They're usually well-written, well-researched and well-made tomes, and as far as I'm concerned they'll always be highly collectible. "
Honestly, this pretty much sums it up. All good reasons...although personally I just like to collect them. Odd yes, but I enjoy having a hard copy of a guide. That and it's pretty much right their for me to read and look whenever.
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What's playing this weekend aye? I guess for me it's:
Demon's Souls: Made a new PSN account and I'm now finishing up my first play-through on this account. 
Agarest Senki Zero: Just got my import copy of this and only got to play through a small portion of the beginning. 
Neptune: Same deal as Agarest Senki Zero...only difference is that I got it earlier and managed to get past the tutorial.
And possibly might be playing some Blazblue: Continuum Shift. Haven't had time to really sit down and play the game even though I got it at release (or play any games really).
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@LordXavierBritish said:

" @Akeldama said:

" Nothing. The entire free thinking populace? "
That's a much smaller population than I think you think it is. "'s pretty much a fact I would think. Probably as rare as finding common sense these days.
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I'm not going to lie...this looks pretty damn awesome. Feel as though as I'll be importing this title day one...more so if news of a CE pop up.
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If theirs a collectors edition, I buy it without hesitation...unless said contents of CE are just that negligible then I just look away from them.
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@iAmJohn said:
" @FluxWaveZ said:

" Looking at both pictures presumably relating to the character Vincent again, I can't help but notice the guy in the scan doesn't have P3P's mole. "

According to people in the GAF thread with the magazine, there's a picture of the character in a diner, where he has everything but the mole (including the same eye color).  It's got to be Vincent. 
Oh by the way, guys, it's coming out this year in Japan. "
Another game for me to import. This has been a fine year so least to me (import game wise). Although has their been any word of a LE for this?
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@Ace829 said:
" @Jazz: Nuuu! Yeah. All I have is a 360 atm. It would be cool if the online portion was cross-platform. "
A dream that will probably never come true..barring FFXI which was cross platform between PC, PS2, and 360. Still a dream worth dreaming of I suppose. 
On a unrelated note to this topic: My 360 has been fried by a lighting storm, BB:CS for 360 for me until  MS gets around to giving me a refurbished one.
..which sucks.