Finally, thou art S-Rank'd is done, S-Rank'd Dark Souls. NG++, a few spare minutes over 150 hours. Level 165. Final equipment config: Balder Side Sword +15, Grass Crest Shield +15, Dusk Crown, Black iron set +5, Dark Wood Gran Ring, Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, Ascended Pyromancy +5, Black Bow of Pharis +15, Darkmoon Catalyst. My build has very very high Dexterity, Endurance, and Attunement for lots of powerful fireballs and Darkmoon Blade buffs to normal class weapons. Last couple hours were interesting, I went through Sen's Fortress and Anor Londo to the Giant Blacksmith on one go, first try, no deaths. That's quite enough Dark Souls for a while. I think the DLC comes out soon on XBOX Live, I'll come back to it. I would make a new chracter I think, try some new things. Without a doubt my Best Game of 2011, but I didn't get to it. In my opinion, the best game I've played this year as well. Superb work on the part of From Software, they have quite a bit of fiction here for new titles. Pretty outstanding experience, obviously a sickening challenge at times, but if you're persistent and can get beyond your ego, it's an achievable S-Rank. Unlike the Rockstar games and all the absurd online stuff...but that's something else altogether. Done and done.


RDR, a game made by people who hate people who love achievements

Seriously, this goddamn game. I've been going tooth & nail (or melee knife) with cougars for the past hour, only to discover you have to do the hunter missions in order. I cannot begin to express the rage that I'm feeling. Not to mention various other feats that pay off in petty little 5-10 point increments....SERIOUSLY---kudos to anyone that has S-Rank'd this crazy ass game. It's a great game, no doubt, but damn they really make you work for the points. And I don't even want to think about all the multiplayer achievements that I'd have to do....hate to say it, but I think I'm gonna have to throw in the towl on this one...not enough time to make it happen.
Still a 5 Star game though, the achievements are just a bit much to ask of a working human being with somewhat of a social life. #ragequit


Finally S-Rank'd Dark Souls

Seeing as I just picked up a new PS3 slim, I wanted to connect my PSN ID to the site, butt apparently that is not an option!
Well, I'm "slippyintesties" on there too. ;-)


360s for sale, eVeRyWhErE---

TEN posts for 360 slims in the past 24 hours on Craiglslist, most of them offering trades for PS3 the 360 on its way out?
Also, while I was home, my nephew and several of my friends have dumped their 360s for PS3s....just a coincidence? Bizarre....


Hexic HD, a hex indeed

My days home are coming to a close, was super bored and decided to play some Hexic HD today...don't think I'll ever S-Rank this game. Seriously...this has to be up there as one of the most impossible S-Ranks to attain. Looking forward to actually playing something I can really get into.

Time to watch some Day 4 GOTY Giant Bomb videos!

In memorial of the great film Total Recall..."Vinny's the name! Vinny!"


Not a test, random thought about Mass Effect 2

Never played Mass Effect, but I don't think that matters to play Mass Effect 2. Should I actively seek out a Collector's Edition to get the DLC that is included? The "Classic Pack" of Fallout: New Vegas was actually helpful for Hardcore maybe there is something to's sorta hard to find though...and expensive. Is it worth it?


Not a test, gotta skip that next # anyways

None of the previous tests worked out, but sometimes you gotta drop it.
Thinking of which, I started another new game in "Fallout: New Vegas" which would be my 4th playthrough...BUT I'm gonna drop it. I have all the achievements, it's time to move on. After some of the Game of The Year stuff I've decided to get Mass Effect 2. I'm hoping it will be a nice distraction for a while. We shall see...
---well, time to watch some Day Three Giant Bomb videos!