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Wow, Men's Medium, already sold out!

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Done! Hoping Kingdom Rush and Shadowgate get some love. ;-)

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Last updated a month ago! :-(

Matthew, hailing from Omenpole.


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Yeah, the black phantom would be a real jerk I think...but I'm gonna do it. Whatever, let's see how it goes---for the love of cosplay!

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Thanks! Very useful info.

So, my SM is about 600,000--anyone want to trade your skirt for any of the other pieces or something else?

Otherwise, I might ascetic the upper bonfire, that would respawn 3 sorceresses and Mytha and I could get the Serpent Ring +2...but I would rather just do a trade at this point.

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Random other thought, it seems that pairing happens based on soul memory rather than soul level?Since I have summoned a few phantoms for help and they were way stronger than me.

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Does the black phantom return? 'cause that guy is gonna assault my wimpy SL1 self. ;-(

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So, I spent most of last night farming Earthen Peak for the set. I got 4 tops, 2 gloves, and 4 hoods (and 9 magic stones and 1 lingering dragoncrest ring+1). I thought the top was supposed to be quite rare? If I want the skirt, I guess now I gotta bonfire ascetic? But which bonfire? Alternatively, would someone on PC be willing to trade? I'll check my SM when I get home.

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Went on an add friend spree! Add me!


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I'm slippyintesties on Steam.

Looking for summer sale cards 1, 4, 5, and 9.

I have extras of 3, 6, 7, and 8.

Also I would like to finish my Skyrim and Spelunky badges, so if you have any extras...

I also have

Skyrim 4/8

Spelunky 2/8