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The girl who you were trying to protect in Bioshock 2 was named Eleanor Lamb who was being groomed by her mother to become a messiah for a communist utopia.

Here we have Elizabeth who is being groomed by Comstock, her "father", to become the messiah for his American Christian Fundamentalist utopia and is referred to as the Lamb.

In B2 Eleanor looks to Delta as a father figure while she is in opposition to her biological mother and even calls him 'father' whereas in Infinite Booker is literally Elizabeth's father and is opposed to Comstock who is not actually her father.

So going by Elizabeth's statement there there is always a man, a lighthouse and the two of them it fits that in the Bioshock 1/2 universe Booker and Elizabeth's equivalents would be Delta and Eleanor.

Also Booker Dewitt's initials are BD which could also stand for Big Daddy.

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They gave a disclaimer that it wasn't constantly laugh out loud funny but it is an impressive piece of DLC brimming with content that is shown a lot of love and care. Like Ryan pointed out most gamers are not going to be playing this as a side mission but essentially as an epilogue.

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I don't know if you actually need a specific suit to protect against the cold. Your suit when you reach the ice planet is pretty busted up and you need something new simply because its not intact anymore.

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EarthGov, which was the body doing Marker experiments has collapsed and Unitologists are just unleashing the Markers on human colonies, that was totally explained in the first few minutes.

Anyway I just finished the game, I honestly don't see what Brad was talking about that was so bad. The Necromorph Moon concept makes sense within the fiction as Convergence and I didn't for a second think Isaac was actually dead. No body = no death.

Also I think GB's complaint about the hero being special is getting really silly and now they are just lobbying it around every single time the character in the setting becomes important. Most epic fiction revolves around the hero being unique or important and in the case of Isaac its built on stuff that was pretty core to DS2. I'm not even talking from a position of "oh this game is so brilliantly written" cause its really not, but saying its some kind of "all story" is pretty silly.

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I think the great thing is without anyone else around its really easy for Vinny to drag Brad down to his level of madness, the Neverdead QL being a case in point.

This week has been a huge breath of fresh air.

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Very excited to play more ME

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@Brodehouse said:

BioWare fanbase has been unreasonable and histrionic since Neverwinter Nights. KOTOR was them betraying their fans, Jade Empire was them betraying their fans, Mass Effect was them betraying their fans, Mass Effect 2 was them betraying their fans, Dragon Age 2 was them betraying their fans, Mass Effect 3 was them betraying their fans. The only game that wasn't a betrayal was Dragon Age Origins, but then they announced it would come out on consoles and then they betrayed their fans. BioWare has to have gained new fans, betrayed them and gained new fans again at least 4 times over by now. Ironically, it's actually the best business plan, as evidenced by Nintendo.

Agreed with this. The fact that they've come out and turned parts of thread into a debate forum over the matter makes it all the more clear who "wins" this thread.

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Not sure if want.