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secret of mana

left for dead 2

supermeat boy

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i've got many girls i game with almost daily, they arent as attention craving and confused as you though...continue the bloggin and talking about yourself im sure itll be interesting...

and yes youre a bit weird...not in a good way though.

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If youre lucky enough that a new cooler and pasta will do the trick, also you ran your cpu at 90 degrees well about 80 is alrdy very hot dont expect it to continue to run properly for long..

oh and another advice, stop running games at this temprature, you might damage your cpu even more and get put out by a blue screen of death.

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windows 8 professional.

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it slows down your reaction speed and makes you slow, so getting drunk whilst gaming would be an utter waste of time lol

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a pentium quad core 2.4 or higher will do also since youre on a budget, and pc gaming wise 4 gigs of ram is all you need, you dont get the most out of your gpu by like you said having a slow cpu

btw i also have an ASUS HD6850 and it runs everything on highest, i can even overclock it with the asus tool so youre fine for atleast next year its certainly not the video cart.

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fruity loops is the easiest studio for fast learning

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borderlands 2 hands down if you liked one, cant see why 2 is so much negativety probably people who didnt like 1 either.