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Got my beta-key today, but I'm waaay busy playing BF3 so here is myn:


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I would say the PC version also.

The game stalled a little the first time i got one of the ingame achievements, but other then that it's been running great, and I'm also using a 360 controller to play the game.

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Thinking of putting something on either side to make it a bit more interesting, but for now here's mine.

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I like what Telltale are doing, but I wish they would maybe spend some more time on one game and make it even better. It looks like they are spreading themselves a little thin will all these games in development, I hope that this wont effect the end quality of the games they ship. After watching the JPql and will all the hitches and stiff animations, i fear that it is indeed effecting quality. 

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Well, I have not had issues with the fullscreen mode that you are talking about, I too am playing on the same resolution. 
But another bug that I found is that if you want to rebind your keys on the keyboard from controlling you character with the arrow keys to WASD-keys it will only allow you to input 3 of the keys, the last one it just refuses. 

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" Reality check for those enthused about the MMO: Undead Labs has been working on it for years and their website for it has been dark for about just as long. Don't hold your breath. "

The way you say that it sounds like something they started on in like the early 90's. The fact is that the UndeadLab was established in late 09 (november) by former Game Programer at ArenaNet (Guild Wars) Jeff Strain. I would be guessing that he needed some people for the project and all that so I'm guessing the game development didn't start until early/mid 2010?

So saying years is kinda wrong here.

For some background info on the game just check THIS out. A lot of maybe, we hope, and that stuff. But at least an insight in what they are trying to do.
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Thank you so much everyone, you guys/gals are the best! :D