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I just bought RAGE on disc at Fred Meyer, but they wouldn't take it back because of copyright issues. Can I get a refund on Steam for the disc version?

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@mandude: There's no code.

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@mandude: I don't get the whole config file thing. Is there a video tutorial or something? Or possibly I could contact you or something?

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@mandude: ... I don't get it. Haha

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@Subjugation: No, they haven't. It's still horrible, but the drivers help a little. I also can't take the disc back because of copyright. D:

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Hi, I was just wondering if there was any way to fix the texture pop-in and FPS issues with RAGE on the PC. I have an ATI graphics card, and I installed the new drivers. The drivers helped a little with my FPS and texture pop-in issue, but they're still relevant, and very annoying. I have a very high-end computer that can run just about any game (HP Pavillion Elite HTE).

Can anyone help? Thank you!

P.S. After a while of playing, the game brought me to the main menu saying that "RAGE has run out of memory". I then went back into the game. All of the textures were screwed up, and everything looked pixelated.