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I just got the What Was That trophy randomly fighting mobs, I'm surprised it's an Ultra Rare one (1.2% on PS4)

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This art is fantastic dude, good job

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@tennmuerti said:

@iodine: Unless there is something towards the end of the game, no.

Ah damn, there have been few characters in this series I immediately wanted to just murder more than them

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Is there a way to kill the crones?

I just finished the ladies of the wood/the quests that splinter off of that (I let the horse beast save the kids if that matters at all)

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I think it's a MUGEN joint, right?

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I still have yet to get the mech, and I am p annoyed by that

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God I wish my irl friends would get this game, its so fun

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PSN: DogsWithHats

I am not sure if I have a working mic, but I'm not a dick!™

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That fucking speech you get when you meet the weapons dealer is going to stay with me for a long time, that was some incredible bullshit.

Man this game is fun. It's got the same issue I had with 3 in that at the beginning of the game I run out of my assault rifle ammo every 15 seconds while hunting but 2 upgrades later and it's all good (plus hunting with sniper rifles at this point anyway)

Edit: is anyone else seeing tree's that are essentially flat? Playing on PC and settings are on Ultra and about 10% of the trees are basically 2d