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Is there anyway to go back into the 50's area with the powers and weapons post game? I didn't see anyway to get there, but I really want some of those cars and to rain fire down on those Leave it to Beaver fucks.

How do you know it's name is Paul?

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Keith David loves talking to me <3

Just had my first lockup, but oh god what caused it was awesome and worth it

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So, Saints Row, like Wu-Tang, is for the children?

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@nictel said:

@gorillamopena: @winsord: Oh no everything went fine and she was on slow descent and then suddenly she started doing barrel rolls and loops like she was in Airwolf. The second time she came in way too hot luckily she did land on land this time. It's not the game, it is her.

I have no idea why, but this is my favorite post in the entire thread

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I was miffed they got rid of Female 2 (the latina, I think?), but I am soooo digging the french voice actress. Her delivery is just greatness, I here Troy Baker in everything, I here Nolan in everything, I heard laura bailey in everything.... I am just glad to hear a different voice.

Robin Atkin Downes is differen........ Oh jeez he has done a lot of video games

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I mean really. It's Rico or Tom Nook. We've answered this question.

Nook the Crook

The only sane people in this thread

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I am not saying opposites attract is the best thing to happen to video games.... but it kinda is

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God you're right. Ryan would love this. Now I'm all verklempt.

Thats always the nagging thought in the back of my head that totally doesnt make me cry