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The Mad Decent station is stuck in my head. This is the happiest moment of my life

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0. But I've encountered a glitch where I went bald and I'm unable to change my hair.

Like Vinny?

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Luckily I have had it crash zero times, there was one 15 seconds lock up, but nothing other than that

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@artelinarose: Eh, I wouldn't say awful but it does get a bit repetitive.

It only seems to interrupt the flow of the game and does not fit in with the rest of the tone the game carries.

So far, only one of them has even been challenging (number 21), so it's not like it even makes you think, it's really dumb, and not the good dumb

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Look, Shagbark is cool, and we will always be bro's.

But Waldi, man Waldi is just tha gawd

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When my brother got into dota like a month ago, he made a "device" for roughly 300 dollars. Mind you I wouldn't call this a computer, but it works fine on the lowest settings and is really tiny. Mind you I think if anyone touches it it will break in 47 different ways, but still

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Can we talk about the times the game just sends those fucked up character models/upside down or invisible cars are you in the virus modes?

God those are all so fucking good it hurts

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I am definitely interested in trying this, the cross platform stuff really intrigues me as well, thanks for all this info man.

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I love every single thing about this game