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I am not saying opposites attract is the best thing to happen to video games.... but it kinda is

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God you're right. Ryan would love this. Now I'm all verklempt.

Thats always the nagging thought in the back of my head that totally doesnt make me cry

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Yeah I can beat them fine, it's just boring imo

@iodine: The key there is to just grab and throw as quickly as possible. You dont have to be dead on with your shots as long as the bomb explodes near thr target it does damage.

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This game. THIS GAME. Oh fuck, how awesome is this?


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I really don't know if I can really boil down my favorite things because there are SO MANY things.

I'll say this. I think this is easily my GOTY now. I played on PS3 and the biggest letdown is the constant freezes I've endured. Besides that I've literally enjoyed every single moment. Also consider I'm at like 90% with the entire game. I've got like 15 challenges or so left. Everything is so fun even the mundane collecting shit part is infinitely more fun when your listening to Riff Raff.

"If I just blow up another statue Codeine Olajuwon will acknowledge me"

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You mean a video games romance options don't feel fully fleshed out?

Well shit

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I love this game. I even don't get too burned out on the side-quests. Mostly because you can 'super-power' your way out most of them: Telekinesis mayhem? Take the ball and super sprint through the city. Senseless destruction never gets boring!

Yup love that one

Like really the only side quest I don't like is the one where you need to TK throw things into the targets

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Uh, whose the main character of Dota? I last played as Lich, so probably screwed

Besides dota I played SRIV, so dead.

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I made a Mad Decent Radio playlist and it's basically the only thing I've been bumping this week.

I tried to make one on spotify, but I couldn't find a good chunk of the tracks, and my laptop (which is where I have all of my music because..... reasons) is broken

Here's a link to the Mad Decent radio on SoundCloud.

You are my favorite person ever