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I didn't

...then I played Phantom Assassin in DotA2.

The trail of blood is soooo cool

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Let's get one thing straight, Dota 2 is one hell of a difficult game where simply understanding the very basics and small nuances can take 50+ hours to get to grips with.

Or, like 174 hours :(

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When I play with GB duders, especially ones I know better, I never shut up

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Dragon Knight is the gawd

As was said before you can join the GB channel, but you can join the overflow guild as well, if you ask in the chat one of the people in it can invite you

tutorials are good, the purge guide is a good basic concept thing, and if you are with GB duders most of us will be happy to help you out in game.

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Fuck, Ryan Davis :(

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Because Meier is like Meyer so it's a pretty cool last name

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Doom 4 will be a FTP Moba with Voxel environments and Smart Glass menus

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If you have any interest in the MLB, Baseball Prospectus has the Fringe Average podcast that is full of #want #rig and #sparkle