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Is P3P a good version to play it? I need a new game for my Vita (just finished tactics ogre for the 50987987th time) and they dont have FES on the vita store

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I just love love love the way he looks moving through the world
As um..... weird as the SC story has gotten, still love Zeratul

I am sure I am forgetting some, especially from indie games, but it's like 4am

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My new longest match is also my new worst game I have played (first time Kunking it up)

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I lived in DC until I was twelve, and since then I have lived spitting distance from the childhood home of a Brad Shoemaker

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Look, you made some points, some people agreed with you (or well that one dude edit: that one dude was you, so......), most did not, but before you feel like we are ganging up on you, remember this

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16. Hitting stuff is fun

17. Ursa can and will take Roshan level one if he has someone who can heal him, and it is the single most terrifying thing

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I got the Abbadon weapon, who I might be the worst with out of any of those guys besides Pudge, so welp.

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Space Cow (spirit breaker), Dark Seer, Slardar, Ursa, and Axe(AXE!) are all cool, but really it's all about Ogre Motherfucking Magi

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@missacre said:

@zelyre said:

The dude likes to poke at people, remember? Japanese games suck? PCs are for spreadsheets? I'm in the top ten on Steam, suck it boycott?

If you go around antagonizing people, you gotta expect them to antagonize you back. If you can't handle that, then... don't antagonize others in the first place?

Oh this, this so much. He thought he was Mr. Hotshit when his shitty game came out, and adding those insults on top of that was like icing on the cake. There's no way I'd ever support him, and the sooner he gets out of the industry, the better for all of us. He's just a bitchy little girl, who throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way. Come on, cancelling an entire game because someone was talking shit? If that's not a tantrum, I don't know what is.

Now see, if someone was saying this about me, and I saw them, I *MIGHT* freak out a bit.

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I just got my leap controller yesterday, and Dropchord is the only game I have played on it, and man it is pretty fun actually.

It doesn't quite reach Rez/Dyad levels of happiness, but it does touch those same pleasure centers.

The leap actually seems pretty good so far also, although my current setup for it is not good (have laptop on lap and leap at the right side of the trackpad)