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Guys, this is the next endurance run

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So does the trailer officially kill this thread, or does it live on until the game is released?

If anything this only gives him more hope to be crushed

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Yeah, I have been enjoying the gameplay a lot, the menu's seem to take juuuuuust too long to load though, which sucks

EDIT: There's a level called shivering isles which I totally get behind

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I have been enjoying it so far, but (mild spoiler I guess) I have no idea how I am supposed to catch the "secret agents" when they start poofing away.

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The gunplay in Brink was incredibly underwhelming, and the unlocks were not balanced (the higher level players would straight up have more health than lower level players), so the matchmaking was a chore, and well, no massive robots of death

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Hey, I'm about 6.5 hours in, and I have no idea how to get to Canada, will this occur naturally or do I have to do something very specific to get into it? Also for Butter's first skill the animation runs but no light shows up to tell me when to attack, am I missing something?

Also, oh dear god the Mage class+life steal+PP regen on attacks is so wonderfully broken

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I am just really bummed out because my Xbox won't let me DL the beta yet, even though it is "Open"

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Continue doing this

Please continue doing this

I love everything I find about Eve

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I rescued the twins but never really used them

I kept the green bounty hunter guy (Gunnulf?) and he was super useful to me when i got him a second time

I destroyed the bridge and then felt terrible (also is this how you lose Fasolt? I missed that dude)

Lost Sigbjorn, but also didn't care because he was redundant to my lineup and got me a ton of supplies.

Rook died, and knowing now that Alette would have died makes me feel a lot better about his death in terms of the way I was playing (Rook was in way more of my battles, but pretty much all of my choices were done for her best interest as Rook)

Ekkill was cool, my friend ruined the Onef betrayal though, although he didn't kill anyone thankfully

Lost Yrsa the witch archer lady which sucks

Really enjoyed Ivars progression

Mogr was prolly my go to guy when I had him

Saved the Dredge baby

Egil died the first shot he got because of course

My main thoughts is that I wish I could have used the first group a bit more, because I liked a lot of their stories and the tactics of their battles (Mogr/Griss just tanking all of the damage) but I also really did like the Rook group stuff as well. I never really used the mender because his chain lightning did me bad when I didnt pay attention. Iver is awesome, and I hope chapter two comes out in under a year because maaaaan, this was dope. Also interested to see how choices/stats get integrated into it, or don't, who knows.

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@bisonhero I just got the part in question and oh god I hate everything.