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I went with China Broom/Broadsider mostly. I probably should have swapped the pistol for the carbine but I had all the pistol upgrades and mostly worked

Vigors was usually bucking bronco/devils kiss, but when fighting bigger hordes I would do the trick of launching crows then lighting them on fire

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I guess the two duders who are trying to really bring this discussion back have their forum names in the same format and have sub 5 posts are coincidences right?

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Hey guys, this is my second play through, and the first where I got Owain (The first go round in the FE games I only allow myself 3 map restarts and I lost Lissa early on) And this time round Lissa and my player character made the beast with two backs, creating this guys, and..... Holy crap.

I raised him to level 20 pretty easily and then made him a Swordmaster, that he is now level 4 at. Thats 3 levels below the major non kids of my army (Vaike, Lon'qu, Sully, Virion), and 8 below Chrom/NPC.

These are his stats

45 HP

Strength: 24 (Chrom highest at 31)

Mag: 19 (lolwut) [Highest is my NPC at 32]

Skill: 35 (Second highest is Lucina at 32)

Speed: 40 (Second is Sumia at 34)

Luck: 26 (Highest is Anna [duh] at 34)

Defense: 21 (Highest is Kellem at 29 but 31 with attribute)

Res: 17 (Highest is Sully with 20)

Abilities: Avoid +10, Healtouch (I know), Ignis, Vantage

I mean, I understand that since I am leveling up the kids to 20 instead of 15-17 like the others for the master seal they will in theory be better in the long run, but he is one shotting most non-armor units with a bronze sword, and the ones he doesnt he is getting double hits. He never gets touched, and even when he does it.

I have played every US FE game besides the Wii one (which I own, but yeah plugging in a Wii.....) and I can't remember a character getting this crazy this fast.

Has anyone else gotten a kid this OP?

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Dibs on the fast 6 review

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1. Starcraft

2. Mass Effect 2

3. Megaman Battle Network 2 (Shut up shut up shut up)

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I found a link to it, not sure if it would be allowed but if it I will be happy to share (alo it looks like a straight mess at first DL with no track ordering, album grouping, or cover art, so with 28 songs it takes a bit to get it all pretty looking if you are crazy as I am).

It is kinda spoilery as it features game dialoge, but yeah

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If I can fly a fighter jet at like 20 MPH I am in.

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The one where he is looking straight at you looking super sad>>>

Also stealing the milk bottle one for an avatar

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Yu Wan or Panzerfaust

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But how could I see the warning against spoilers if I am avoiding the internet?