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The thundercats game is not based on a TV show from your (our?) youth, it's based on a TV show thats based on the TV show from our youth, because god damnit childrens TV industry

That being said a Johnny Bravo dating sim would win

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Strictly in terms of Pokemanz and not gameplay? Hrm......Gen 2 or 3 probably

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Thanks guyzorz

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I had this beauty of helmet on my dude for the past week

And I start up Halo today and it's nowhere to be found :(

What happened?

I will probably get over it in like 20 minutes but still

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@nintendoeats said:

Do you mean that physically the button takes a moment to pop back up? If that's the case, its probably a simple matter of opening it up with a screwdriver and washing the button. Obviously you have to be careful not to lose anything, but assuming you aren't a massive idiot there is no risk of damaging the controller. I bought a wireless 360 controller at Value Village for 2 bucks once, and once I washed the buttons and swapped the analog sticks for the ones from an old controller S it was perfect.

This might be mistake, however I will try

And yeah I have had this controller for a bit, but not all that long, I guess I just got unlucky. Ah well I can just get one during sale madness if it goes tits up

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Welp, I was going to load up AC for the first time tonight, but I might just wait for this patch

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So I have had my main controller (ie wireless) for about 6 months now, and the B button is starting to feel well.... off. It's much more sluggish than on my wired one, and it takes a second for it to come back up. It isnt a bother when I play XCOM or similar games, but in any game that requires really quick button presses I am fucked with it. I would use my wired controller more, but with the way my dorm room is situated it usually puts me in an awkward position space wise. Any tips on how to fix it, or should I just get a new controller during the holiday sales?

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Backyard baseball, the first one.

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I am defiantly in the minority and I wanted to like the movie, but the plot/action had me laughing more than anything.

I really did not like their version of the future since it was pretty much the same as today but MAN SHITS GHETTO AND GUNS ARE WORSE HOVERBIKES AND DRUGS IN EYES, and that kid? I was saying shoot the kid from the first scene he was in.

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@TheHumanDove said:

@HaltIamReptar said:

The idea of slipping in a little homophobia and thinking everyone will be cool with it is disgusting. It doesn't matter what the point of the story was.

Yes. It's totally homophobia. That's totally what his story was about. It's definitely not about the circumstances. No, he hates gay people. You're entirely right.

Dude, I looooooove overly reading into shitty phrasing and determining the worth of a person with it, it's the best