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I am defiantly in the minority and I wanted to like the movie, but the plot/action had me laughing more than anything.

I really did not like their version of the future since it was pretty much the same as today but MAN SHITS GHETTO AND GUNS ARE WORSE HOVERBIKES AND DRUGS IN EYES, and that kid? I was saying shoot the kid from the first scene he was in.

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The idea of slipping in a little homophobia and thinking everyone will be cool with it is disgusting. It doesn't matter what the point of the story was.

Yes. It's totally homophobia. That's totally what his story was about. It's definitely not about the circumstances. No, he hates gay people. You're entirely right.

Dude, I looooooove overly reading into shitty phrasing and determining the worth of a person with it, it's the best

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So a few years back I broke up with the girl I'd been with since high school, at the time she was my only sexual partner I had. A few weeks after the break up my friends thought it was a good idea for my to get out there and be single. We end up at a bar one Friday night and it was pretty standard night at first. A couple of my friends girlfriends show up and hang out for a bit then left. So right now the only people left were single men that go through women quickly (one night stands or relationships that last a month or two) and after a few rounds they decided that I need to get laid to help forget about my ex and I was in a mental state where this seemed like a good idea. Which is always the first mistake when you've been drinking, when something seems to be a good idea I can guarantee that idea is 100% stupid.

My friends play wing man and while some contacts probably could have turned into actual relationships or goal was not to do that but to have sex. I guess during our scouting I caught the eye of a lady in her mid-late 30's, fairly attractive and after a few minutes of conversation it was very apparent of what she wanted. I was in cougar territory and if I had any experience or was not drunk I might off made it out unscathed but unfortunately I was both drunk and inexperienced. After a few more drinks and some flirting she invited me back to he place and like a lamb to the slaughter I followed along ready, willing, and able.

We get to her place and everything seems normal. By what she owned you would think she was a mildly successful business women or lawyer or an occupation in that area as well as a women with needs and hasn't found a relationship yet due to being a workaholic. After a glass of wine we end up in her bedroom and things proceed as I was very use to. We then become "intimate" and I am having a good time as one should. so after a few I start feeling her finger around my ass, now as someone who has not desired contact in that area before I never asked my only partner previous to this encounter to please me in such way. I found this odd but not painful so I did not worry about her doing this. She then told me to tell her when I was about to arrive and after a few moments I told her this and I felt pure ecstasy. This only lasted for a very very brief time as I realize I also defacated at the same time. In a moment of pure helplessness I quickly apologized and ran to the adjoining bathroom. I clean myself off as best I could and try and think of some to say, anything.

I walk out of the bathroom completely ashamed, embarrassed, and quite frankly any emotion besides joy. I look up and see this pretty women smearing my shit onto herself and asking me to come back to bed. Now if my brain was not already dying from utter fucked upness I might of said "I hate to shit and run, but..." and left or "I'm a wizard, and that's fucked up" or "Smell ya later". Instead I said nothing, quickly put on my pants and ran.

I found out later that she made me shit. She slowly put some string into my ass, and when I was arriving she pulled the string out which caused me to lose control.


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Really it was explaining to my mom that my friend shit on my brothers bed because he was drunjjj

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thanks a lot for the tips guys, I owe you this:

Got achievements for Classic/Ironman, finishing the game on classic, and finishing the game :3

You.... You are my god

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College makes it fun, I can go 3-4 days of just a few hours on my DS, then it's 5am tuesday and I started at 10pm the monday and my xbox wishes for the sweet embrace of death.

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Dark Souls and Dragon's Dogma aren't JRPGs. They are RPGs made in Japan.

There is a difference.

And by "RPGs made in Japan" you mean "Action Adventure games made in Japan." If we're feeling generous, maybe "Action RPGs made in Japan?"

Do the Japanese just consider those games "adventure games," and if so does that make Skyrim a Western Adventure Game? Red Dead Redemption would then be a Western Western Action Adventure Game.

Including DLC I believe the proper grouping would make it into a Western-Western-Action Adventure-Surivival Horror-Hunting-Racing-Gambling-Sandbox-multigenerational-historically influenced-sleep simulating-game

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Sleepy Dogs


Walking Dood


Hatoful Boyfriend (fucking fatbird)

The top games I have played this year, but it's not over.

I am tempted to give it to XCOM right now, but I have never had an experience like Hatoful Boyfriend

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Boiling down pretty much any decent to good game to one short acronym/abbreviation is pretty obsolete and pointless.