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Where does one see these skill trees?

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Information Overload

Buy Low, Sell High


So a 4x game?


Block Path

Spinning Plates

Instant Death


Game Repeats Until You Die


Game Keeps Gets Harder Until You Die



Game Keeps Gets Harder Until You Die

Game Repeats Until You Die

Block Path


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Big Gains for You Can Be Big Gains for Enemy

Mouse Dexterity

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Safety Not Guaranteed. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if some parts got sappy

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70. The minute you enter your apartment complex, the police hace to forget you exist

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Skyrim: Stuck in a dungeon (one where this ghost duder opens a door and you use one of those claws to open a second door only it did not work) and when I tried to reload older character saves they were all corrupted all the way back to when I was level 7 (I was level 33 at the time)

Starcraft Brood War: the 4th mission would break as soon as I exited the cutscene

Oh and in fire emblem games theres this weird bug, it was not really a game breaker, but whenever one of the characters I liked died my console/hand held would turn off

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Do you have a good amphetamine dealer?

There is not understanding the story, there is only tentative acceptance of Kojima

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My 1 week old laptop.

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Good kid, m.A.A.d. city

This Generation - Murs/Fashawn

Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color - Brother Ali

A Dream Deferred - Skyzoo

We Don't Even Live Here - P.O.S.

LongLiveA$AP - A$AP Rocky (even though that A$AP Mob mixtape was pure ass)

Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors - Big Boi

Probably a couple more I am forgetting