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I am going to watch this in the morning. I am so damn excite for this game, and I am pleased to see that in the stuff I have seen the xbox version run smooth, since do not has PC at college

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I throw money at screen and nothing happens :(

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Why whenever Apple announces a new phone there's so much anger against Apple? It's just a phone...some people will buy it because they like it. Why does it matter what someone decides to buy? It kind of annoys me that so many people hate on a company seemingly just so they can make themselves feel better about themselves. I think there's a jealousy there. I never see people talk about a new LG and lambaste anyone who dares think about buying it. I mean I constantly see people on message boards calling people who buy iPhones "Sheep". Really? Because someone wants to buy a product they enjoy they're just blindingly following? I just don't get the anger...and I'm not talking about the Giant Bomb community, I mean in general. And no, I don't own an iPhone.

You... You I love
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My body, is ready

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Guys, lord 187x would never let them do anything too crazy.... right?

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@ShadowConqueror said:

I hope it's about a character kicking everybody's asses while searching for their badass father, who is voiced by Liam Neeson, who is kicking everybody else's asses while searching for his daughter.

the genre of Liam Neeson vs. continues strong

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New engine please for the love of god

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@wafflez said:

Hi, welcome to the community I suppose. The first thing I'd suggest doing (if it was posted sorry, I'm not dredging through the filth that gets posted (my posts included)) is watch the Persona 4 Endurance Run. That is probably the thing that turns most people from normal happy people into deranged Giant Bomb fanatics. I'll also add you on steam because I can't get enough steam friends. Now if only I could make real friends so easily..

But real people suck.

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I....... I love you