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SimCity made me question all of my life choices

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I just played Horizon for a couple hours earlier today for the first time since I beat the single player and oh god I need so much more

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I love that from a couple of the restricted synch points I can do a double air assassination from like 200ft+ in the air

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You could listen to GOTY discussions of years past for that car ride if you wanted. 2011's deliberations get nasty in several places, and the ultimate Saints Row vs Skyrim discussion is filled with videogamesmen angrily discussing the merits of dildo bats.

Doesn't that argument between Jeff and Brad last for like two hours? I remember starting to get annoyed with it when Ryan just up and said "All right, Skyrim, we're done, let's go home!" And so granted the rightful winner its place! *runs fast*

"Listen man, no other game can do what Skyrim can so GOTY!"

"In Saints Row you go into Tronworld!"


Which was, incidentally, one of the worst fucking parts of the game!

I'd go into more detail but I don't want to derail this thread. Or, whatever, we can totally derail this thread. Maybe bring it around to proving Skyrim's superiority using the Mongol Empire as an example somehow.

Nah, I'm fully in favor of running this thread off the tracks. Prediction time: Which game will Brad Shoemaker bust out his legendary filibuster powers for this year? Oh right. Brothers. Silly me.

Sir, there is going to be a 6 hour debate over the Dota 2 hero of the year, in which every 35 seconds Jeff will just yell "BRISTLE BACK"

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Proteus taught me how to lov..........

Proteus got me into my spiral of playing a bunch of "art" games

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Look, Tomb Raider was fun and all, but nothing it did could touch the opening of FC3.

While the story does slow down after a while, sometimes a tiger will just appear, ruin all your plans, and you cant do anything but laugh

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It was amazing to hear, but nothing can really phase me after going to college in Philly and learning that Milk is Melk and Water is Wodder

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Fuck, Ryan Davis

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I am cool with durability because of Fire Emblem, but yeah, it can be used in ways that don't feel fun pretty easily