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Currently on route 11

  • Amaura - Level 28 (Oh my god he is the best)
  • Frogadier - Level 33 (Brokie is best Bro)
  • Lucario- Level 31 (Friendship)
  • Honedge- level 29 (Eh, I get why he will end up being good, I just am not a huge fan, will likely be swapped out next)
  • Charmeleon- Level 30
  • Fletchider- Level 30 (I havent used her in a while since she levels up so fast, will likely get swapped soon)
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@iodine said:

ARK Music Factory is my favorite thing

They call it a factory for a reason...


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ARK Music Factory is my favorite thing

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Hey everybody it's Tuesday....................

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My only advice to you is avoid Spoink like the plague

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Crying endlessly

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If the internet petition to get the National Anthem changed to the Ignition Remix didnt work, nothing ever will

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Yesterday I was in a GB 5stack, we got megacreeps, and then the game decided OH WHAT IF WE JUST BOOT EVERYONE AND FORGET THIS EXISTS.

I hate video games

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When the fidelity of online interaction can replicate stroking my brothers arm when I play the seduction card, then online CAH can happen