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What the fuck is this website

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Over the past 4 months, 8 complete strangers have told me I have the saddest looking eyes. This has led to many existential conflics

Edit: Whenever I get drunk I take on the persona of "J.A" because I speak in a heavy southern accent and cannot pronounce the letters J and A.

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Space Egypt

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I read the first nine pages and then jumped to the eighteenth page. It looks like we still know absolutely nothing. Is this evaluation correct?

You missed the kickstarter campaign, the transition to a F2P model, and the job application for the iOS transition, so you haven't missed much

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Currently on route 11

  • Amaura - Level 28 (Oh my god he is the best)
  • Frogadier - Level 33 (Brokie is best Bro)
  • Lucario- Level 31 (Friendship)
  • Honedge- level 29 (Eh, I get why he will end up being good, I just am not a huge fan, will likely be swapped out next)
  • Charmeleon- Level 30
  • Fletchider- Level 30 (I havent used her in a while since she levels up so fast, will likely get swapped soon)
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@iodine said:

ARK Music Factory is my favorite thing

They call it a factory for a reason...


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ARK Music Factory is my favorite thing

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Hey everybody it's Tuesday....................

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My only advice to you is avoid Spoink like the plague