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ARK Music Factory is my favorite thing

They call it a factory for a reason...


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ARK Music Factory is my favorite thing

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Hey everybody it's Tuesday....................

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My only advice to you is avoid Spoink like the plague

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Crying endlessly

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If the internet petition to get the National Anthem changed to the Ignition Remix didnt work, nothing ever will

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Yesterday I was in a GB 5stack, we got megacreeps, and then the game decided OH WHAT IF WE JUST BOOT EVERYONE AND FORGET THIS EXISTS.

I hate video games

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When the fidelity of online interaction can replicate stroking my brothers arm when I play the seduction card, then online CAH can happen

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Credit: Great Accent


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SR4 Insurance Fraud is an amazing abuse of the physics engine. You could combo forever using your Matrix powers! There's no target area, so once you're high in the air or cartwheeling on the ground, you can flip into cars, fly into the air, dive into a car, and repeat ad infinitum. I've gotten gold medals from a single combo this way. Much easier than SR3.

The "destroy $X worth of stuff" missions are the ones I struggle with. It's hard maintaining a combo.

My favourite activity is... oddly... collecting the data clusters. If I see one, I will go for it.

The destruction of the Physics engine is pure bliss