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As @jaxley said, it brightens the more side stuff you do, but never becomes day until you start really breaking everything around you

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Of the stuff that hasnt been mentioned, the Mad Decent station on SRIV

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I have found Brad Muir's secret GB account

  • Dragons Dogma :Dark Arisen

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1. Infinite

2. Gone home

3. Saints Row IV

4. Fire Emblem

5. Soda Drinker Pro

Edit: Dota 2 would be on here, but it feels more like a religion

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So after my second playthrough, Finding the actual power armor still is amazing

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I was 198th on an iOS game called Whale Tail until they changed their format

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This entire game was a nice touch

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He does get an odd mention here and there, but yeah..... not a big loss

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Job Well Done, or really any song from Run the Jewels

ODB by Danny Brown makes me so happy

Man, That beat

Thank you based SRIV.

Also every few weeks I still listen to Christian Dior Denim flow like 20 times in a row

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British President is best president

Pure Sex (Shotgun for scale)
He is a highly functioning sociopath
Flying around and listening to Mad Decent