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I have found Brad Muir's secret GB account

  • Dragons Dogma :Dark Arisen

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1. Infinite

2. Gone home

3. Saints Row IV

4. Fire Emblem

5. Soda Drinker Pro

Edit: Dota 2 would be on here, but it feels more like a religion

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So after my second playthrough, Finding the actual power armor still is amazing

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I was 198th on an iOS game called Whale Tail until they changed their format

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This entire game was a nice touch

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He does get an odd mention here and there, but yeah..... not a big loss

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Job Well Done, or really any song from Run the Jewels

ODB by Danny Brown makes me so happy

Man, That beat

Thank you based SRIV.

Also every few weeks I still listen to Christian Dior Denim flow like 20 times in a row

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British President is best president

Pure Sex (Shotgun for scale)
He is a highly functioning sociopath
Flying around and listening to Mad Decent

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I had one of these tacos (I was really drunk) and to me it tasted like an even saltier (which I didnt know was possible) Taco bell taco

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@tobbrobb said:

@magicwalnuts: Good (or bad) news! Timbersaw is getting increasingly popular in pro play! You will not be the odd man out for long. XD

He is actually looking pretty goddamn ridiculous on early push teams... Borderline unkillable and does some insane burst damage.

I played against a timber, Sha-Sha lane a few days ago. Our tower died so fast