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@magicwalnuts: Good (or bad) news! Timbersaw is getting increasingly popular in pro play! You will not be the odd man out for long. XD

He is actually looking pretty goddamn ridiculous on early push teams... Borderline unkillable and does some insane burst damage.

I played against a timber, Sha-Sha lane a few days ago. Our tower died so fast

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Hey, so today I loaded up SRIV as I do, and I get an error message that the DLC I downloaded was missing. I didnt think I had gotten any DLC, but then I went to check my weapons, and the America weapon (and screamin eagle) are gone. Is this an issue on my end somehow, or is the another "SRIV is kinda broken" thing?

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You are a monster and I love you

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The romance system in general but specifically Keith's 'you lead the free world, I've conquered hollywood' bit. The announcers during the Genki telekinesis missions were also great. And finally, hearing Michael Clark Duncan in the end credits, he was an awesome dude.

That part made me think of Ryan, so yeah, cried like a bitch

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  • Matt's Loyalty Mission
  • All things involving Zinyak
  • Paul
  • Gat during the Dance Off
  • The constant reminder that Keith David was Julius

Is there anyway to go back into the 50's area with the powers and weapons post game? I didn't see anyway to get there, but I really want some of those cars and to rain fire down on those Leave it to Beaver fucks.

How do you know it's name is Paul?

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Keith David loves talking to me <3

Just had my first lockup, but oh god what caused it was awesome and worth it

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So, Saints Row, like Wu-Tang, is for the children?

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@gorillamopena: @winsord: Oh no everything went fine and she was on slow descent and then suddenly she started doing barrel rolls and loops like she was in Airwolf. The second time she came in way too hot luckily she did land on land this time. It's not the game, it is her.

I have no idea why, but this is my favorite post in the entire thread