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Not long ago it looked like there would be a renaissance of space games, but now I'm having serious doubts about the quality of any of them-

X:Rebirth was a massive disappointment in almost every possible way, especially as a fan of the previous games.

Elite looks very promising in some areas but they are so obviously rushing it out a year or more too early. They have less than a dozen ships in the beta (and to my knowledge not many more coming in the full release) and no mission content aside from "go here kill this" and "take this over there". I have no doubt that they will continue to work on the game after the release but what if they decide that now that the game is "done", new updates will be part of the already-planned paid expansions and dlc. I'm disappointed that there will be no offline, mostly because I wanted to have the opportunity to mod/hack/cheat. Also travel time is too long, especially if you're trying to be a trader where there isn't much excitement at the end of the journey.

I don't even know what star citizen is anymore, it's impossible to see past the wall of hype/delusion/money that has formed around that game. Every fan of that game seems to make their own assumptions about what that game is and how it will work, and with like 5 youtube series and countless dev blogs and letters from Roberts coming out of the developers its impossible to find out what has actually been said about the game let alone how likely it is that such and such will actually be in the final product or be fun. The ships look beautiful but it still seems like a bill of goods carefully crafted to get as many people as possible to give them money.

The only one I haven't gone sour on is No Man's Sky, but there's so little information its hard to form an opinion other than "that trailer video looked awesome". Limit theory never had me excited for whatever reason, seems to lack character overall. None of these games are beyond redemption (well maybe excluding Rebirth) but I'm definitely not as excited as a year ago.

I really just want a better, prettier, version of X3, but maybe the market won't bear that. I just hope that these games don't disappoint too many people or else we'll just be back where we were a few years ago with the genre all but dead.

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My theory (and deepest wish) is that this is related to far cry 3 because its a complete reskin of the entire island and tons of new content. Instead of building a new open world, they replaced the temples and bunkers with scifi bases or crashed spaceships or whatever, reskinned/filtered everything into this virtual 1980s VHS stuff, replaced tapirs with dinosaurs and dragons, made a bunch of stupid new weapons and a bunch of stupid new story. All I can think about is reliving the experience of getting jumped by a tiger in the jungle only it's a fucking dinosaur. Fighting dragons in an open world like skyrim, but with functional ranged combat, and sweet laser guns. If its less than $40, that shit will awards, or at least it should.

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@klei: No way you guessed that ENDING SPOILERS:

Elizabeth is Booker's daughter from another dimension who was sold to Comstock who is a rapidly-aged Booker in this dimension and Booker was transported to this universe then through several other alternate worlds, failing countless times in the process before finally being saved by old Elizabeth in 1983, allowing you to destroy the tower, unlock her power, take a scenic tour of the multiverse (FUCKING RAPTURE) before returning to the point where all the dimensions split and sacrifice yourself to a crowd of freaky Elizabeths.

Maybe you got one of those points but that would hardly ruin the experience. That shit was nuts.

Back on topic, I wish the melee combat scaled better, the second half of the game its nearly useless unless the enemy is severely weakened. I died many times just trying to smash some faces in, but I'd have to sit there whacking them for way longer than I estimated and end up getting beat. I think theres some gear that ups melee damage but there's other pieces that are way more awesome so I'd never equip it. I commend them for not taking the melee = instadeath approach that many games take today, but I wish it would've stayed more relevant as the enemy health increased.

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The base mechanics and weapons were a bit bland but I thought all vigors, skylines, tears, and some fairly interesting gear layered on top gave me more than enough to keep it interesting over the course of the game. I was constantly picking up and dropping weapons (the fact you could never just pick the one you want from a list probably benefits the game), and I even found some magic pants that made every weapon I dropped turn into a floating mini turret (AWESOME).

My personal favorite thing about the combat is that the ram vigor and upgrades + shotgun/heater = first person Vanguard from mass effect, where charging an enemy does a ton of damage and recharges shields. It was kickin rad in mass effect and with the much more multi-dimensional design level design in Infinite its even better.

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So is the office that Booker keeps getting sent back to supposed to imply that he has died (or at least failed) and the game is continued in the next loop? It happens when you die during gameplay and Elizabeth is not around, you reenter the game through the door and it happens several times during the events of the game, usually after something somewhat traumatic. The twins and old Elizabeth suggest that Booker has failed many many times before, so I guess the question is whether we as the player are spanning multiple parallel multiverses (or whatever) over the course of the game or are we playing as a consistant Booker who is "the one" who is finally able to break the cycle?

It was a fantastic game, but I'm disappointed by the apparent lack of new game plus (1999 mode is just a difficulty adjustment right?). Seems like they could've dont something really cool with a new game + that could somehow incorporate the idea of this infinite loop, work it into the fiction. If nothing else I'd like to carry over all the vigors/gear so I can continue to unlock new stuff.

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My account got hacked sometime last night. The only computer I've played from is at my work, which is behind a couple firewalls and all the antivirus and malware software I have says the computer is clean. I'm almost certain that I didn't get phished, at least not for my account, which has a unique password and was newly created two weeks ago. I really don't think that someone hacked or phished my email, and out off all the passwords and credit card numbers and whatever else valuable info I'm sure is buried in there, they chose to hack my diablo account and take maybe 200,000 gold's worth of items.

I won't say im sure that it's on Blizzard's end, but I try to take my online security seriously, and I have a hard time believing that I somehow gave away the password in the last couple weeks...

What makes it worse is that I contacted blizzard to notify them and have my account get rolled back and I got a reply saying "You didn't get hacked so we didn't do anything". ummm...

I suppose I'll get the authenticator app once my account (hopefully) gets restored, but first time I've heard about such a thing is when I search the forums AFTER I've been hacked and lots of people saying OF COURSE I should have had an authenticator. If its that important, they should make a bigger deal out of using it during the install or the first login or something.