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@jasondesante said:

@Agent47 said:
@Xshinobi: Yes thank you I feel the same way I don't see the big deal with Steam just an annoying application you have to load up to play and when games don't have them the Valve/Steam fanboys flip out.Besides what's the point of Steam?Especially during playing with all those annoying messages if you have friends.Now that I think about it Steam just seems like a way PC players can get together like Xbox Live and PSN.
it took this guy 7 years to think about one thing LOL. He doesnt even know theres a settings menu in steam that lets you change the notifications you see LOL He has obviously never played a game that uses Steamworks LOL

He's like not ending every sentence with "LOL" LOL.

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Wow... I now regret just buying a new 360...

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@nanikore said:
" I have an even better and cooler idea!!!!  YOU TYPE THEM IN THE GAME MENU!!!! "
HAHAHAHA! Funny man!
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Everyone died... I suck at this game :P

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Hot... !

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more platforms = more money = bigger and better games! Sounds like it could be great... or bad as hell!

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It will always come down to how you interpret things. Every one is wrong and every one is right. It's always what's the widest accepted interpretation, there will always be fucked up things because of fucked up people. But it's always good when ideas gets criticized and viewed from a new perspective. And I think south park isn't the best one but they obviously gets people talking. But it will always comes down to the quote: "No man, no problem".

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