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This game probably consumed the other super-hero games 0

Anyone who played Marvel's several movie tie-ins (Spiderman 2 and Spiderman 3) and its comic based games (The Ultimate Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk and Spiderman Web of Shadows) will instantly see that Prototype has several similarities in terms of gameplay with them. It is a superhero game which puts you in a virus infected Manhattan (which happens to be the setting for those games as well) and lets you roam freely in it. But Prototype has some stand-out features that makes it a great experie...

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Who Thought The American Dream Would Be This Good? 0

The GoodLiberty City does feel alive. The combat and driving mechanics are improved. Terrific voice acting. Radio stations are good and well varied. Good, well written story with an excellent single-player experience. You can finally go spread choas with 16 other people via Live. The BadSome problems with friendly AI. Getting out of cover is annoying. Back in 2001, Grand Theft Auto III totally blew our minds. It was the first game to give us radio stations with DJs and mixing, highly detailed ...

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Halo 3 Is The Best Way To Finish The Fight! 0

The GoodSharp, responsive controls and excellent gameplay. Superb sound effects accompanied with terrific voice acting. The story is great and very good. The game has one of the best textures in this generation. Awesome multiplayer modes and campaign. The new Forge mode and Theater are well made. The soundtrack is just great. The BadUNSC allies don't know how to run for their lives (including yours). The rewind button in Theater mode doesn't work as you expect. The single-player experience coul...

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Blood, Blood and Even More Blood Can't Cover Its Flaws. 0

The GoodBloody, fast-paced action should keep you entertained. You can cut any monsters' limb. Superior animations make Ryu the best moving character around The new Obliteration technique is fun to perform and have deadly effects on your foes. The cutscenes are well made and fun to watch. The BadSometimes, the game's difficulty crosses the line into cheapness The environments lack detail and have dull textures. The shadows are not great and feels pretty static The story is just an excuse to mak...

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