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Just about anything from System Shock 2. Seriously. Listen to this:

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It will be most useful for me when I'm on the couch with the wife at night, where I can't turn on the Xbox or go play my PC. I also intend to bring it with me to work for my lunch breaks.

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Is there a reason you want an $80 CPU cooler? Do you plan to overclock? I've never found overclocking necessary for my CPU, and hence have always been peachy keen with the stock cooler. And you're spending that kind of bank on fans, yet only putting in 8 gigs of memory?

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Picked a blue 3dsxl from best buy about an hour ago, along with a copy of Luigi's Mansion. PM'd the system to Target and the game to Kmart. I wanted to grab Fire Emblem, bit I'll wait till I can find a deal. Let the games begin!

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I did play Chrono Trigger back when it was released. Yeah, I'm old. But I woul play it again.

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@believer258 I'm interested in at least half of those.

The extra bonus is I can sit here and think about what DS games I missed, since I missed them ALL. :) What are some of the best of the best from regular old DS?

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That is a nice bonus. I don't know anything about that Pokemon game, but I was looking at Luigi's Mansion already.

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Fire Emblem and Ocarina of Time alone should be good for an awful lot of gaming. I do have 2 young kids as well that might be ready to enjoy something like it. From what I understand, 3DSXL is the way I should probably go, both for the size and better battery life.

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This is exactly the kind of thing it would have been nice to see in the redesign of the site. Think outside the box, GB, focus on your strength, the staff! It should be a piece of cake to filter anything on the site based on who is in it or created it.

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You should care. It's about having a little fucking integrity and not taking advantage of shit just because you can. I like to get stuff I want cheap just like anyone else, but that doesn't mean I do it with reckless disregard for honesty. This isn't a question of "degrees" of wrong-ness or anything like that. This is obviously dishonest. Minor? Sure, it's minor, in relative terms. It's minor to steal 10 bucks from someone relative to stealing a grand from them too, that doesn't make it ok.