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There's plenty of excitement out there on the Internet (it's this new thing, totally high-tech, it's awesome) about the upcoming game Batman: Arkham Asylum. Me, I've been burned before. Nothing can match my first experience of playing the Caped Crusader, taking on bad guys with a keyboard and an awesome soundtrack.



I wonder if I can pick up a Commodore 64 somewhere?

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Video Responses to QOTW: OK not to like it, not ok to be a jerk.

I made the decision to start blogging casually about games again in the last couple of days, and swiftly encountered an old problem, namely, finding things to write about.  I don’t get to play as much as I want (thank you, grad school) and I’d like to write about more than the two hours of FEAR 2 I squeezed in today.

Then the guys at giantbomb posted the video responses to the Question of the Week.  I wasn’t particularly keen on the idea, but it was worth a shot.  At the very least, it was evidence of giantbomb’s continuing commitment to giving the community a central role in the directions the site takes.  The end result feels a little bit like the things I dislike most about video game coverage on television, or the video blogs that proliferate on youtube.  However, if most people liked it, it could become a regular feature.  Democracy in action.

Whatever about most users though, those who decided to comment seem against the idea in the majority.  That’s cool.  I agree with them.  I do not agree, however, with some of the crappy behaviour from a small minority.  In the main, people were constructive with criticism, or honest without being jerks:

“It's a good idea but it was not quite executed the way that felt right to viewers.”

“hmm.. didn't like it.”

“No more of this please.”

“im sorry, but watching these vids makes me feel like im watching X-Play, and i kinda hate X-Play (especially when they show this kinds of stuff). thats why im happy with the user e-mails and i don't mind listening to user phone calls if they ever decide do one.”

Or had a bit of fun:


(I’m pretty sure this was reasonably good-hearted)

But some of it was uncalled for:

“I love the disgusting fat fucker saying CoD4 is "the best shooter ever made." Jesus pick videos with people that dont make me feel sad I visit GB.”

“that third guy is really effeminate”

Really? I know being insulting in the safety of anonymity is apparently the right of every Internet user, and have been the victim of this myself, but was it really that bad? The guys that run the site posted a compilation of videos from site users that you could choose not to watch if you didn’t like it.  That's it.

Giantbomb is a great site, and the relatively hands-off approach in moderating comments means that we can have a row with each other now and again. We can use a bit of choice language if we feel like it.  It must be said, the comments reflected a common opinion that the videos felt awkward and it wasn’t a good idea.  Several users lamented the hate going on.  I suppose I’m just disappointed anyone at all felt the need to be a jerk to other giantbomb users.  This site is about a community of people who like video games.  The users who submitted those videos were contributing to the site.  I’m sorry that they may have had to read something hurtful by someone too careless to remember people have feelings.


The Wii has won the console war..... who knew?

It's unquestionable that the Wii has won a comprehensive victory despite most 'hardcore' video game fans not being hugely enthused.    It needs more games, we all say, but people keep buying it.

The PS3 isn't so lucky.  It seems the majority of owners are currently pretty loyal Playstation brand fans or people who want to watch movies in Blu-Ray.  It's still too expensive and it can't rival the Xbox 360 in games or the Wii in accessibility.  The Playstation 3 will surely sell plenty more units but any hopes of dominating the video game scene as the PS2 did must surely be gone.
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My favourite game in months

Braid has been an utterly fantastic experience.  The challenges are pitched perfectly, the music is beautiful, the character design is excellent.  I actually like the little written pieces of story.  

I got into this game so much that I have pressed the X button in Geometry Wars 2 to try and turn back time when I've got hit.
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I don't have that many PS3 games to start with.

Since I got the PS3, it's all been a little underwhelming.  Resistance wasn't quite as much fun as I'd hoped and didn't 'feel' right for some reason.  MGS4 reminded me why I skipped 2 and 3.  My favourite game on the system is easily Burnout Paradise (which I could have got for the 360) and they're going to do trophies retroactively.  Which, by the way, is really fantastic.  Those guys have got their gear in order.

So to put it simply, no.  I even regret getting Burnout Paradise for the PS3 (for free online) because I probably would have a couple of hundred more achievement points by now.
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