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Pretty straight forward "which do you prefer" affair. Dark Souls has been out long enough now to draw up comparisons and preferences and i was curious as to what people thought.

I'll get the ball rolling; I LOVE Demon's souls. I'm 25 hours into Dark Souls and have found the more i play, the more i miss Demon's Souls and I have now given in and started playing my DS Char again. Cant quite put my finger on why this is, the concepts in DKS are really nice (open world, no load screens etc) but it just didnt click for me.

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I know i'm going to get alot of stick for this thread however, i'm curious if anyone else is of the same opinion as me? I don't know why - i owned and completed uncharted 2 - and it just never grabbed me - alot of the time it felt like a QTE without the prompts. Can someone enlighten me as to the appeal of this series? Uncharted 3 is on the horizon and the internet's a buzz and i feel i'm missing out. I JUST DON'T GET IT!... Let the hating begin....