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@ssully said:

@conmulligan: How did he look like a dumbass?

He is already established as being a person who doesn't do things by the book. Also he has interests outside the actual investigation; going alone to get info for Frank makes complete sense.

Yeah, I agree, Also he just had a small mental breakdown at the bar, talking about fucking you know what and also probably being slightly drunk.

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Probably won't be there because I don't own one of the new Trucks.

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Looking forward to dumb stuff that's still racing! You know I'm not a big fan of crash events, but like racing dumb cars.

Just as a heads up, I'll be driving the Camaro, hope I'm not the only one in a Stock Car ;)


Also: Skippy League - sometimes @khann does a sick wheelie and still wins!

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Well my computer decided to crash

Fucking @slowbird was right. Goddammit.

Anyway, this was fun! I still hate that stupid Skippy, even though it's gotten better. Count me in for the Camaro next week!

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@datarez: The new UI changes seem pretty good so far (although I'm a bit bummed out you can't manually choose a practice session) and otherwise it's the usual Week 13 madness. A lot of first corner crashing.

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It did get a bit silly indeed. Hope we didn't ruin anyone elses race :/

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@betaband: yeah, the quality of women's football has gotten better over the years, but it's mostly still like watching your local Sunday Soccer Club playing a game. That said, women's football is not at the point yet where all of the players can make a living out of it, so it's understandable.

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@jeff: Would be pretty cool if it could happen! Would make it easy to listen to the Bombcast on the PS4 Spotify app while...maybe playing Destiny.

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@cheappoison: Beta launched last week, Alpha was running like 3 months before that and it's X1 only ;)