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I was struggling through practice and qualifying to regain my pace from the open practice session (I swear to god, something keeps changing between those sessions) but regained some of it during the race and worked my way to the front and had some good racing. @slowbird was faster the whole race though and it was only a matter of time before he could catch up. I could keep him behind me for ~15 laps, but with 2 laps to go he tried to go around the outside. He hadn't even completed the pass yet, he was just slightly ahead on the outside and I had the inside (my preferred line and being inside put you up on the relative ranking) for the next corner but then the caution came out and ended the race. He would've won anyway, since he probably would've completed the pass in the last lap, but had the caution came out 2 seconds earlier or later, it would've been my race. Oh well, let's go to Darlington!

Also I just watched the stream and whoops - seems like I totally forgot about the language at one point. Hope that didn't cause any problems, @maxx77.

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@bifflog: Maybe that's a bug with the car, since it's still unfinished at this point. They've confirmed that the full oval version of the DW12 will definitely be ready for the next build, with the road version still to be determined. Really hope they can get it ready in time.

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I own both a Xbox One and PS4, play daily and they both keep me busy. If you're into FPS, BF4 (on both consoles) can definitely keep you busy on a daily basis and if you're still into CoD that game can do that as well. Forza 5 (with this not being available on PS4 of course) and NFS Rivals are both excellent racing games. The free PS+ and Games For Gold titles usually keep me pretty busy as well and there have been some great games on PS+. Also I don't know if you like MMORPGs, but FFXIV on PS4 consumes most of gaming time each month. And that is a lot.

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It all depends on what it's called and the genre, really. If it's a singleplayer, story driven game I like to enjoy them the 'way the developer balanced it', but usually that's putting too much trust into the devs. So what I mean is, like Halo for example has a difficulty where it explicitly states 'this is the way it's meant to be played. We balanced it for this difficulty.'. I really like when devs do this, so I can have dumb action setpieces where I feel like the action hero and some parts that are challenging. I often replay games on higher, if not the highest difficulty setting but always start on the intended 'Normal' one. If it's not a game about story, but pure gameplay (let's say, uhh, racing games) I usually start on hard.

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All of the timeslots are a bit weird for me, but I'll try to do it. I love longer oval races, but cautions can be a pain in the ass at Indy.

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@slowbird: Only 4 more races to get into the chase, maybe 3 if I miss this week. Shit is getting tense :/

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@nielsvaes: Sent you a private message on that matter.

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While I can't help you with the calendar, I can explain this:

The BMW has a ridiculous straight line speed advantage (it shouldn't have), if you do your setup that way. While this was no problem at something like Daytona, since you still had to do the infield and would be totally fucked, it is a problem at Watkins Classic - that track is pretty much all straights. Because it's definitely a thing that shouldn't be this way, the hope is that the build will fix this issue, so Watkins got postponed until the new build is live. I think the reason for swapping it with Sebring was that Watkins was supposed to be a 75min race, so it got swapped with the other 75min race so we would still have one of those next week. And that race was Sebring.

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Yup, super excited for Sebring, possibly the most excited from all of the races we're doing. Actually, most definitely the most excited. Road Atlanta is equally as good, but we've already done that multiple times.

Won't be able to practice before the actual session though (SOOO much stuff to do this week!), so I guess it'll be about damage control again. Which worked out pretty good at COTA.

I shouldn't attend BOMBCAR this week since I have to take an exam 5 hours later - which would probably mean like 3.5-4 hours of sleep. But we will see :D

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Well, I had 2 semi-spins and a slow pit in/out-lap (not sure which, but I had traffic on one) but this race totally went way better than expected after looking at the practice results and made up for yesterday's race.

Congratulations to @c0braje7! Once again it seems like@khann got the worst of it.