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Congratulations @slowbird!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this the first successful title defense?

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@hawk767: I found that oval racing skills like racing in traffic, wreck avoidance and general awareness of what the other drivers are doing carry over to road racing perfectly. But then again, I have the opposite problem: I don't know any fear when racing others, which sometimes ends....poorly.

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Short PSA: No two hour open practice for the DW12 oval races as well. They're fixed setup so there's not much to practice for more than the 30-40min of league practice we get. HOWEVER, we will have the regular two hour open practice for the road races, since the setups are open and it's generally a bit more difficult to get around the track (okay, maybe a lot). Hope to see at least as many people as in the Jetta race today! The DW12 is fun and you get an oval and road car for the price of one! Also Charlotte is free, so come and race with us!

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@slowbird: Well, at least we now have the confirmation that we went full NASCAR. Out of the running in the regular season, Chase will probably get the championship.

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@bocam: Nope, not at all. One of the lines from the ending literally is: "This is far from over! There's still a threat out there!!"

EDIT: Just to be clear and without spoiling anything, the thing you actually "achieve" is fairly minor in the whole scheme of things. The game world doesn't change, because you really don't change that much. It's definitely built in a way that they can keep adding stuff into the story with expansions/DLC. If I weren't on mobile I'd put spoiler tags in and explain it better.

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I just finished the main story and let's just say the end cutscene is barely longer than a minute. It's just all super lazy and badly presented, even though there is potentially interesting lore.

I really, REALLY enjoyed playing the game though. One of my favorites this year.

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They're all fine. Vice City is a bit weird, they were having licensing issues and EVERY digital version sold ANYWHERE on ANY platform has those songs missing.

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@maxx77: Neither of those things, actually. I'm visiting my parents home during the semester break and my dad is into sim-racing as well - though he only drives offline. What that means is, is that I can still attend GBRL races thankfully, since he has a wheel, decent enough PC etc. etc.

What that also means is, is that he has that stupid Playseat. Since I'm lucky enough that he even let's me use that thing at 3am in the morning, I won't complain about it or mess up his setup by changing everything to my liking - so I just have to stick with it. And yeah, no shit, that stock seat is something. He also has the worst keyboard, the worst sound in- / output (buzzing both ways, whoohoo), no monitor stand (so the way too small monitor is at the end of the Playseat) and his wheel settings are all weird and I barely get any Force Feedback. This'll be a fun 200+min today.

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@slowbird: I didn't, and since I'm going to finish the season on this setup, my plan was to get a run of 2nd/3rd place finishes, especially because I'm slow at Dover and that's basically like your track (won every single race we did there with a 10+ sec lead). Oh and I had intense physical pain in my foot after yesterday's 36min race. Guess what's next week? 120 laps of Charlotte.

Late edit:

To visualize my problem:

WHO THE FUCK DESIGNED THIS THING?! Left foot braking is impossible (which is what I usually do) and even right foot braking is uncomfortable. It's all a big mess.

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Fucking fuck fuck all the fucking things. OH WELL.