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Less than 24 hours until we visit the beautiful, sunny state of California!

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Get hype for BOMBCAR indeed. Really curious how that track will turn out.

Also Mid-Ohio for the other two...god I suck at that track. I like it, but I'm just really awful at it. I don't even know the short layout we use in FD.

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@thesupernatural: Yup, got it memorised for years now. Thanks, PGR2. (God, that's almost 11 years now)

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@slowbird: That looks interesting, I'll have a closer look and consider it. But since it still requires me to take stuff apart and put it back together, there's still a good chance it'll end in flames.

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@khann: He lives in New Zealand now, so that's your problem.

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@maxx77 said:

I would also highly recommend purchasing Daytona. That one should just be a mandatory purchase when you sign up for iRacing.

I agree with this statement 100%. Daytona has the best road course and the best oval.

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@thesupernatural: You should consider buying one of the Nationwide cars (the one we use in BOMBCAR). It's good fun, has one of the better official series and we usually drive some Road Courses or stuff like Indy/Daytona Ovals where you might already own that venue because of the Road Track.

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@neemer: I couldn't disagree more. Are we talking official Oval races on like the Rookie and C-Class side or are we talking about the excitement and fun only GBRL-races can deliver in the B-Class (and last weekend even A-Class) cars? And caution laps get boring when they're far too frequent, but in most races we do we have one or two cautions and then they create a nice breather and are a good time to strategize (since we limit max fuel) and chat a bit and panic together over our strategy choices.

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Why do you people don't like NASCAR? I'm disappointed.

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@maxx77: But Sunday is gonna be the best! :(