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Am I the only one racing on a regular-ass desk? :D

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@khann: Well, the interesting part of the season is just coming up. We got 2 double points races, with 2 new tracks in between.

I know I'm horrible at Mid-Ohio and very unsafe; Phillip Island is new to our league but was raced in the official GT Series, so that should be interesting. And the double points finish could turn everything around as well.

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Oh, also congratulations to the defending GT Champion for his first win of the season!

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I was super slow all around, practice, qualifying and race. The outside lane had some trouble on the start though and I gained 4 places. From then on...well, I started a train of cars. It all worked out beautifully at the end, with getting a respectable 3rd place. I'm sorry if I annoyed anyone with being super slow, but that's just how races go sometimes, especially since the championship battle is heating up now.

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@slowbird: Welcome back to the stage of history.


@davyc412: Did you use Map 2? If not, you could definitely make it without a stop!

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@slowbird: @davyc412: We definitely couldn't make it to ~40min before, so I'm curious as well if the fuel consumption has changed. If so, this could be very interesting. Remember, we almost needed at least ~10 gal for the stop before. So I guess this would mean no more "free tyres" as well if this is true. Considering that and the increased tyre wear...INTERESTING.

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@mouse: I still think what I did was completely unacceptable, with that damage I should've stopped and towed immediately. Oh well. Regarding the "event" races once per month, yeah I think it's a great idea and likely to happen, judging by post-race talks we've had it seems like schedule organizers are quite keen on the idea. It creates a nice distraction and breather between "serious" races and gives us the chance to try and drive stuff that's fun for a one-off event but not a season. Giant Bomb Historic GP definitely needs to happen! Also I'm not going to say much, since it's none of my business really, but @slowbird dropped some hints about what's being planned during the post-race chat yesterday ;)

@thesupernatural: To me it sounds like you need to starting working on your race mentality before you continue to work on your race ability. It's just as important, if not more.


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Any chance of doing a one-off race with that car again? I know a lot us of bought the car but other than a few races we never used it again.

As someone who loves F1 I would be all for it! I think the Star Mazda has proven that the failure of GBF1 was as at least as much about the timeslot as it was about the difficulty of the car.

Edit 2: Goddamn mobile editor is the worst ever.

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@mouse: I'm so sorry. I wrecked it and was trying to communicate I had damage, but the voice channel wasn't clear. I had to let the first train of cars past me, which worked 'alright', but then you came leading the 2nd train, I tried to move over and then realized my car wasn't turning properly anymore, I was trying to go to the inside grass and let you have the inside but yeah, couldn't turn so I got awkwardly stuck in the middle of the track. Should've just towed, Lime Rock is not a good track to limp back to the pits. You can see on the picture I was trying to turn right, but it just wouldn't go and I went into the middle of the track :/ So sorry.

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The thing spins around in the slow corners if you get on the throttle too quickly, at least in the baseline setup. I've been careful with it but it seems impossible to save on occasions where I do screw it up. Short shifting could fix it but it doesn't seem like the best possible solution.

On Engine Mapping 7 the throttle isn't linear and easier to manage if you just like to step on it. Of course, non-linear throttle brings other disadvantages.

It seems like almost all of your problems are throttle input related, so let me give you the worst advice I've ever given anyone: Buy the F1 car and try not to wreck it when accelerating out of corners.

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I played around with the DW12 earlier today and taking out some of the front wing did wonders for reducing the throttle-on oversteer at track out.

Did you just use "DW12" and "oversteer" in the same sentence?

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Darlington is gonna be so much fun. I mean, right up until we all run out of fast repairs, anyway.

It's a very fun and unique track, there's nothing else like it on the NASCAR schedule. Since it's the first new premium oval on our schedule I hope a lot of drivers will show up! People just need to know that the exit of T2 is deceptive and regularly tricks you into visiting the wall. This often results in spins on the backstretch - and that thing is like 30% actual track and 70% apron. So if you spin there DON'T expect a caution, if you get one be happy about it, but usually you won't get one. Don't get frustrated and drive onto the track to get one. That shit was dangerous last race.