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Hey everyone, I'm hosting an open session with the DW12 Road Car at Donington RIGHT NOW! Practice is open for 2hrs, followed by 20min of qualifying and a 35 lap race that should take ~45min.

You can find it under the Hosted Sessions! Hope to see you there!

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iRacing just gave me $11.95 because I recently bought the Impala <3 I felt stupid at first for getting it but now it's cool. Also, I'm so excited for the DW12 road races. It'll probably be the next car I buy (yes, for some reason I still don't have it)

Yeah, if they "update" an old car with a completely new one you usually get the credits back if you bought it within the last 90 days. If you bought it prior to that, you still usually get 5$ back, which is nice.

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Okay, so if iRacing isn't horribly broken after the update and everything works as intended, I'll host a new content race at this time: Click!

The track will definitely be Donington and the car will probably be the DW12 Road Version. It'll be 2 hours of practice, some short qualifying and ~40min of racing, I'll figure out the amount of laps needed for that.

It's gonna be a hosted session, so it's open for everyone. Hope to see you there!

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@noryia: Well, the time could be the same as on the weekends? I don't know how that would work out for you. Also I thought about going all new-content, so Road DW12 at Donington maybe. I'd just put it under hosted sessions and let other people join, but reserve some slots for league members.

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Anyone interested in a build-day hosted session tomorrow? Possibly the new Road DW12?

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@maxx77 said:

Also, an online-enabled sequel to this game needs to happen

I'm pretty sure there was one for the 360?

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@slowbird: Even though I just bought old Phoenix fairly recently, my vote is still in for new Phoenix!

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GT CARS DO ROLLING STARTS. (I actually prefer standing starts, but rolling starts just is the way you do starts in those things)

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Still not sure if I want to try the Euro friendly timeslot later today, those pace laps at Indy are so long...and I would guess there are a lot of them.

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@slowbird: Oh hey, that's neat. Now I don't have to spend 5 minutes qualifying, which sounds easy enough but I still haven't done it yet.