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That's very similar to my computer (same cpu, gpu, hd and case) and I play everything on high or better. Maybe consider getting 8gb of ram as it's so damn cheap.

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I personally think at Hotline Miami's core it's a puzzle game, requiring you to find a solution to strategically clear each room.

The game's developers endorse the pirating of Hotline Miami so you can always try it out guilt free. As for it being "adolescent nonsense" at least play it before making an uninformed opinion but I couldn't care less for DevWil's opinion he think's Minecraft is unethical.

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It's pretty terrible; I'm about 10 hours in and don't feel compelled to play a minute more. Watch the Quicklook or listen to the Bombcast they pretty much touch on why it's so bad but in my opinion I think they're giving it more credit than it deserves. So happy I didn't have to pay for it.

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If an American football field has an area of 57,600 sq feet and a Brazilian wandering spider has a leg span of 4 - 5 inches (according to Wikipedia), wouldn't that mean a mere three hundred fifty thousand spiders would completely cover the surface of this hypothetical island?

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Get it for PC if you can, you'll be able to play it maxed out on any old out-dated hardware and they're pretty much identical to the ps2 releases.

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Rothschild? So the Illuminati are in charge of Game?

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I seriously hope that not everyone think's you're trolling. I loved the first two Mass Effects, and from what I've see of this one really makes me think Bioware have dropped the ball. Bland combat was kind of a given but learning that all of the choices have no real value soured the whole thing for me.

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@artgarcrunkle said:

I remember hearing Bobby Brown tell a story about how Whitney was constipated once and he dug her turds out of her butt with his fingers. True love R.I.P.

I was in such disgust and disbelief when I read that I had to check if you were telling the truth. To my dismay; you were not lying.

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Donkey Kong - 11

Pyramid Head - 13

Gordon Freeman - 8 (+1)

Dante - 8

Lara Croft - 8

Link - 10

Cloud Strife - 5 (-1)

Jill Valentine - 15

Ryu - 13

The Lemmings -12

Samus - 14

Solid Snake - 12

Mario - 8


Nathan Drake - 13

Agent 47 - 12

Duke Nukem - 2

Kratos - 9

Sonic - 6

Master Chief - 7

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