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I assume the wiki is out of date? It certainly doesn't seem to be F2P, but does look pretty cool. How does the current alpha play?

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Also, I think my crystal says I have to be level 7 before I can use it, so you may have to wait just a little bit.

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@PabloDiablo I haven't had texture issues since 1.2; aside from the snow texture being fugly, but thst's not a tech issue.
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You know, I'd be interested but I don't use voice chat in LoL (or any PC game). I guess I could set it up, but I really don't want to right now. =P

Anyway, I'm lvl 18 and play on the US servers. Name is Eyefink and I'm more than willing to give and accept advice through the keyboard chat.

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People have already stopped using the B/G deck online for the most part, except the ones that actually want to play it. During the first week, when no one was playing tactically or had cards unlocked, B/G was overpowered; now it's just like all the others. Been playing a lot with the Black/Red deck lately, but it's important to note that all the decks are overpowered in their own way--they all have unlockable cards that are downright scary.

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Lets stop buying shooters while we're at it! And puzzle games! And action games! And platformers! All games are part of a genre, and all genres have games that suck. Trenched is not one of them.

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You don't need local coop anymore. All the modes can be played with as may AI players as you like in the Custom Game section, which is a pretty nice addition.

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Is it easy to learn for new people?
I would say yes. The How To Play section is pretty detailed and the tutorial teaches you the basics very well. The challenges (now integrated as optional parts of the campaign) will introduce more advanced concepts, but they start with baby steps.
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Everything about this is worlds better than the first game. Very impressed, especially for the price (PS+ members can get it for $8 instead of $10, as well).

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There seems to be a lot of the site that doesn't play well with IE9. Quest pop-ups never load, commenting is pretty broken, wiki editing is a nightmare, the layout suffers a bit, chat room doesn't work, obviously Theater mode doesn't work. I guess I have to start Chrome every time I want to visit Whiskey sites.