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It was awesome but somewhat chaotic and confusing. Being captain of five people who've never played before, haven't read all the rules, and are shouting at once leads to very little productivity. That said, we did manage to kill 2/3 of the enemy forces in the mission, including a Skaraan Executor, which we discovered later was kind of a beast. Next session, we'll endeavor to have that information at hand ahead of time.

If we get way into this, I may spend some time doing some tutorial videos for other future crews, maybe even use the mission editor to create some in-game tutorial missions.

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I liked the Blow article (which is unusual for me), but like a few other people in the comments, I don't know if I buy the idea that the iOS app marketplace is a better place because of Apple's lighter certification system. It would be nice if there was a middle ground, where games could get through certification faster but could be pulled back in for lengthier certification if there were enough crashes, bug reports, etc. As a Windows Phone developer, I get a weekly report with the number of crashes the game has experienced. It might be useful if there was some formula for (x crashes) / (total users) = (temporary suspension). That would also help prevent outdated apps from clogging up marketplaces as the OSes change and render those older games incompatible.

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I find it curious that they basically just ripped off the Xbox design instead of going with something more creative. I mean, if you're trying to do something new, do something new.