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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl's head bobbing made me feel like I was on a boat. Severe swinging from side to side when you're just walking and no easy way to turn it down or off in the menus. Twenty or so minutes in I was very nauseous and ready to vomit.

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That's a cool story. It's always good to have a paladin buddy in PvP. : )
As for myself I won't be going for many Children's Week achievements, they just don't interest me and I'll never have the fortitude to get all of the required holiday achievements for that flying mount. I do however enjoy the opportunity Children's Week gives me to make a lot of jokes about the holiday itself. Most involving what a bad role model my hunter is.

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 On Insanity difficulty I played my Shepard as a Soldier and grabbed the Widow sniper rifle too. Slow, hard hitting weapons seem to be more effective against armor (I believe there is a loading screen tip that says so as well) and used Incendiary Ammo or Garrus' Armor Piercing Ammo. Usually my teammates would bite it pretty early in a Scion fight and it would be up to me with Hardened Adrenaline Rush, timing shots in between bursts of their shockwave.