Fight Stick Diaries Part 03 [Final]

So, it's been 5 months since I started using an arcade stick and I think I'm finally at the point where I can't return to a console controller anymore. I also have tried many different joysticks and pushbuttons from other manufacturers that are not from Japan. I have entered in local tournament and got murdered. Then I found out playing different fighting games was a bit of a challenge.

In my past 2 “Fight Stick Diaries” blogs I have mentioned that I needed to practice more on the joystick movements and button presses. About 3 months in I got used to controlling the joystick without really needing to think much about it and the button presses now comes out naturally without having to look down to see where the buttons are. I guess this was because of all the 1 to 2 hours practicing I've been doing everyday since I bought the damn thing. So I guess practice makes better! (Perfect is impossible for me :P)

After all the practicing, I entered myself in a local tournament for the first time and let's just say it didn't go well as expected. I went in nervous since it was my first one and I knew absolutely no one there at all during that time. When it was my turn to play, I got murdered in the first match but came back winning in the next 2 to complete a set, so I moved on with a smile on my face. Then comes my second opponent and HOLY CRAP he kick my ass to the losers bracket! The same also happened in the losers bracket and I was done.

After the Persona 4 Arena tournament ended, the other players started to talk to me and asked if I wanted to play some casuals with them. As I was playing they were talking to me about how I should come back since they would like to see the fighting game community grow and also they gave me extremely great tips on how to play better like anticipating moves and proper baiting. Great bunch of people I tell you, as loud as they may be. I occasionally visit the place on Mondays now to play some casuals to get better and while I was there I tried out all kinds of arcade sticks ranging from American to Korean parts. I guess it's what you really prefer that matters since they all felt so different.

Now on to the last topic and it's about playing other fighting games and getting used to them. After P4A, I started to play Super Street Fighter 4 AE again but this time with an arcade stick. I already know how to play on the Xbox 360 controller so all I needed to do was translate all of Kens move to the stick. So in about 2 days I was playing pretty decently but there was no way I can even match the skill of anyone that still plays this game online. Guilty Gear: AC+ and Blazblue: CSE was one hell of a learning curve since every character was unique but I got somewhat decent. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is a great game and I got really into it and can hold my own and yes I know I am about 3 years late for this game.

Now there are 2 games I can't really wrap my head around and that's Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and The King of Fighters XIII. I can play both of them but I find it WAY over my head in terms of what I should do. Maybe one day... A man can dream!

I know, I know... Most of this post wasn't about learning with the arcade stick but I'm at the point where there is nothing else to do but practice the games I play on it.

Enjoy this awesome stage music in TvC:

Thanks for reading!

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