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Who's publishing it over there in Europe?

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There's video of Elphelt and Sin! That cleavage...

Sin is at the beginning and skip to 6:30 for Elphelt.

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Anyone here have an extra code? I'm looking one for my brother. If so please let me know in a PM. I would really appreciate it and so will my brother!

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Sign me up! If needed I can provide streaming service as well.

PSN: xLLeg3ndX

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Glad to know you guys like Windows 8.1. I just bought an FX-8350 and I read that it's a bit wonky with Windows 7, so I guess I'm going to be moving on to 8.1.

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@risenreaper21: You haven't seen Kanji's SB Super command grab have you? It's 5500 damage for 75 meter lol.

So what you want is basically another super for everyone else to make it a bit more even?

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@risenreaper21: There isn't any other secret supers in the game.

Also it's not unfair since Aigis has to be in a pretty shitty state (0 bullets, orgia overheated, all persona cards broken, and a full 150 awakening meter). If you get to that point then you will probably die with almost no option to win.

As for Yu, the secret super doesn't really do that much damage (Requires 150 meter and only does 3000 damage) and is pretty much there for only showing off.

If someone does decide to use the secret super, it's super obvious that they will try and do it and it's a waste of meter.

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Daisuke said that he wants to eventually bring back most of the cast but that could be like 6 versions later lol.

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Arc System Works revealed a brand new character Elphelt in the latest issue of Famitsu Magazine. Unlike most of the other characters in the game that uses melee weapons, she will be using guns like rifles and shotguns.

She has been in pictures before when they revealed the character some time ago but this is the first time they announced her as a fighter.

Like Sin, she will be free with first-print copies of the game. You can also grab her later on for 800 Yen (about $8 USD) on PSN for PS3 and PS4.