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There are no mags to be fed.

Also I'm not surprised by Bungie being cagey about story and lore in beta. They've never really been big on that before a games release. It gives it a very old forerunner feel before they became an anime.

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I really liked Titan Quest when it came out. It's still a pretty neat game. It's connected world gave me a feelings similar to dark souls in that you can see everywhere you've been in the main acts without a loading screen. Give it a shot. Marvel heroes is all right too.

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I do want to say that Patrick is easily pumping out an equal amount if work which is impressive for one dude. Sure not as many videos but look at how much writing the guy does. As someone who comes for the articles and stays for the videos he provides a ton of what I like for the site. That being said I don't see any harm if he were to pick up a buddy.

Ps. Go check out his Lost podcast it's kind of fantastic.

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@slag: Agreed. It's probably a lot harder to implement than just a face and hair change but it's very noticeable when it's missing as someone who likes to design his characters.

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LoL not my thing that was pretty alright. Still not a fan of most of their character design though. Anyway cool to see that you duders got something like that.

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Gross. Not having the same entry point for every player in a game seems really out of place in Mobas. I can't imagine this system being implemented for any reason other than to add an illusion of customization or as a cash grab. I hope Blizzard realize this is a bad idea. This honestly puts me off playing HoTs something I was at least going to give a whirl.

Systems like this are always bad in my opinion. Players shouldn't be rewarded for a combination of spending money/getting lucky and looking up the best builds online. It's specifically strange because of how far away from this stuff Blizzard has been when it comes to WoW. Less emphasis on theory crafting builds and moving small stat numbers around. I just don't think it's a fun mechanic for most audiences. Rant over. Sorry if I'm overly dismissive about a mechanic people enjoy.

Edit: Rant continues. They have so many better similar systems for player customization in WoW now! Look at what they did with glyphs. Instead of being forced to grab small stat bonuses where you only had one correct option you had to look up instead we now have a really fun system where you can change the appearance of you abilities. Instead of adding +5 int to your Warlock and ruining your build or whatever now we can choose to have green fire. It's awesome. Maybe we'll get lucky and it'll go this direction but I honestly doubt it. Anyway it'll probably be removed. Blizzard's pretty decent at removing things not taken in well by the community. Even if it takes them a while to getting around to it.

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@aegon: I would do all the practice tutorial stuff and play the game a little before jumping I to Naxxramas. At least till you have a few basic decks buitlt. The encounters are built around the idea that you'll need multiple types of decks to beat them.

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It's pretty fun. My biggest issue with Hearthstone is that the meta game feels really limited by the amount of viable decks you can make. It just makes for a really boring multiplayer game when you keep playing against people using the same exact cookie cutter decks. This on the other hand has been really enjoyable and fresh. The new cards are neat too I guess. I think this will pair nicely with arena for game modes I like in the game.

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Dragon Age is a little surprising but kind of expected something to change with Hardline after it's reception.