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Gahhhh. I'm really bummed to have missed both of these now.

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@brenderous: haha no problem. The world NEEDS more Big Bo.

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Wooo! Pretty sure you're right. Aaaaand.. done.

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Hey guys I made myself some text tones of Jeff saying Big Bo when he was testing the voice recognition.

I figured I could try putting it up. You know, in case some of you guys want some stupid tones too.

I don't know where else I can upload these, so I'm using my dropbox. If you guys know anywhere else I can upload them, let me know.

Big bo long:

Big bo short:

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@zaph: So much potential here!

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Super greasy pho.

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@Prestige: That's really annoying. I was playing them in the background while I worked for the past few days.

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Ha, this is pretty awesome.

Also, his hair looks brown to me.

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I was planning on picking it up on whatever when I had more time on my hands. I'll definitely get the steam version once that rolls around though.

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@quickshot101 said:

@wewantsthering: You no nothing about youtube lol. Gameplay from games (as long as there is no nda) is fine to post. Been doing it a while now. Iz think U just jelly... sigh. The only time you need permission is when there is a nda stating not to post media of the game. Mostly betas and such. Now if this was stolen footage from ea that was made solely for a certain page yes, then I would be flagged.

Also if I dont put add on my videos youtube places 30second or 15 second adds that can not be skipped. At least when they allow me to do it you can skip them after 5 seconds..... Dont be jelly bro. Iv been a youtube partner for a few months and be leave me I have know what is and is not allowed.

So, so many grammatical errors.