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A great story with both great multiplayer and zombies mode. 0

The Good: Campaign has plenty of intense action - Story is quite intriguing - New theater mode allows you to save your favorite matches or moments from the multiplayer - Zombies mode is better than ever. The Bad: Multiplayer is starting to grow stale - New currency system is rather annoying - Short campaign. Call of duty has managed to draw millions and millions of gamers to its Multiplayer and fast paced high action single player. But with this latest Call of Duty title, I cant help but fe...

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Zombie killing? Sign me up. 0

The good: Same great co-op from the first game - Same great multiplayer from the first game - Melee weapons are a blast to use - More guns - new game modes.The bad: Friendly AI isn't too bright.Some may say this is the same as Left 4 dead only with more weapons and new campaigns.Which is sort of true, but more of the same from a great game works.As in left 4 dead there are four suriviors for you to play as in left 4 dead 2.Ellis, the southern guy with a good sense of humor.Rochelle, the only gi...

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What a online shooter should be. 0

The good: Beautiful graphics - Sharp sound - Weapons feel great - Short but always fun campaign - Tons of vehicles.The bad: Not a lot of game modes - Some odd glitches and bugs.As in the first bad company you play as Preston Marlowe, perhaps the most normal of the four soldiers in your squad.Aside from Marlowe the other three from Bad company return, Haggard: The funny guy that always looks on the bright side, Sweeter-water: kind of Haggards side kick but tends to be pessimistic, And Sarge: Who...

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While it Doesn't do anything really new, it is still a good game. 0

 The good: Still very good Multiplayer - Graphics are Top notch - Sharp sound effects followed by great voice acting - Same great Call of duty gameplay you know and love - New Spec ops mode gives the game even more replay value - Customizable Kill-streaks. The bad: Campaign is One of the shortest ever - Nothing in the game feels new - No vehicles in Multiplayer. Now when i say short I mean it. the game took me maybe Three and a half hours to beat. And on veteran Difficulty maybe twice t...

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Bioshock visits a place and time few games ever do. 0

 he good: great licensed soundtrack - awesome graphics, especially the water effects - Some of the best voice acting you will ever hear in a game - Story with twists that will have guessing til the end. The bad: Some character models look quite ugly - easy is to easy and hard is not hard enough. The game starts you in a plane looking at pictures of loved ones. When all of a sudden the plane begins to shake and then finally crashes into the sea below. You begin swimming towards what look...

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Yet another great game in the halo franchise 0

The good: New firefight mode is awesome with friends - Same great co-op - New tactics make the game almost feel like a new IP - Great new soundtrack mixed with the oldThe bad: Not a whole lot of replay value - getting from place to place can be boring - multiplayer is only the multiplayer from halo 3.The game takes place during the events of halo 2 shortly after the Huge explosion (caused by the huge ship going to warp) in new Mombasa. And as the "rookie" you have to try and find you squadmates...

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NOTE: I normally do longer reviews but this game does not have a lot of content, but that does not stop it from being awesome.The good: awesome graphics that still stand today - very good sound - awesome firefights - good gameplay good multiplayer.The bad: Multiplayer matches can only have up to 8 people at one time - campaign rather short and easy - AI is rather well... not smart.Your first though will indeed be WOW by the masive firefights graphics, and sound.You play as one of three soldiers ...

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Beauty is only skin deep 0

The good: Good multiplayer - great sound - Co-op.The bad: Graphics are good but everything looks so shiny even the dirt is - weak story - boring campaign - guns in multiplayer are very weak - some missions are very confusing.You play as Johanna dark who is some sort of agent but its never really explained as to what type of agent.The story is weak.It turns out some bad guys have gotten a hold of some sort of weapon that could help them take over the world.And of course you have to take them out....

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The best game for gamecube 0

The good: tons of unlockables, awesome multiplayer, lots of characters, lots of arenas, tons of game modes,The bad: ummmm..... nothingFirst off when i say there is nothing bad about this game i mean it, everything about it is great the single player modes the multiplayer modes are all very great.The single player consists of classic mode and adventure mode, classic mode is you having to fight a number of rounds each time a different character for instance you might have to fight against a bunch ...

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No doubt the BEST mario game ever 0

The good: it's got mario AND luigi - great music - very good graphics for GBA - great gameplay - good story.The bad: frustrating gameplay sometimes - some bosses seem impossible.Mario and luigi are on yet another adventure.When princess peach's voice is taken mario and luigi are called to help..Of course your probably thinking that its bowser that has done this, but you are wrong.Instead its someone known as cackletta.And bowser (who is probably mad that someone besides him kidnapped here) offer...

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Great addictive action/RPG/beat em up that will own your soul 0

The good: Fun with great gameplay and replay value - music goes really well with the game - online multiplayer - Local and online co-op for up to 4 players - tons of collectibles to find and characters to unlock - simplistic controls.The bad: Hit detection is not really good.(This will probably be a shorter review than i normally do mainly since its a arcade game but dont let that make you think this game is short on replay value)It really was hard to find anything wrong with this game not simpl...

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Despite a short campaign the multiplayer makes up for it. 0

The good: Awesome multiplayer and ranking system - Sound is still very good - great story - mind blowing replay value - great graphics - great co-op - still that amazing gameplay.The bad: short campaign - friendly AI couldnt save a drowning fish.People waited three long years for halo 3.Some were disappointed, some thought it was epic, others thought that it was both.The latter is more right.Disappointing in the fact that the campaign is the shortest out of all the Halo games but epic in the sen...

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Time to chainsaw! 0

The good: Great graphics - awesome co-op – great and fun gameplay - good SFX – using a chainsaw has never been more fun – fun multiplayer.The bad: Controls could have easily been better – story is weak – Ai is not very smart.You play as Marcus fenix who has been in prison for nine years for "being a traitor to his country".But lucky for you your friend dom comes to rescue you.Marcus tells him he could get in trouble for this and dom replies "not anymore things have changed".And changed they have...

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Gears 1 was awesome and this game matches up to it. (lets chainsa 0

The good: The first game had great graphics and this game tones em up a bit - Still the great gore from the first game - awesome sound - great multiplayer - AI is a lot better - Horde mode - same awesome co-op gameplay.The bad: Matchmaking takes forever to find a single match - campaign has very frustrating moments - campaign doesnt have the replay value you would expect.Gears 1 defined gore.. And its a lot more brutal in gears 2.Gears 2 picks up a while after gears 1 where marcus and dom had ki...

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It is almost as good as cod4. 0

The good: The same great multiplayer - One of the best campaigns in any of the call of duty games - Nazi zombies - Splitscreen co-op and online co-op - superb sound - awesome graphics - very good voice acting - Same great gameplay your used to - More blood guts and gore.The bad: some weird glitches and clipping problems - the co-op splitscreen screen is just plain odd.A lot of people were pretty mad when they found out treyarch decided to go back to WWII for the next call of duty game. But i thi...

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One of the best games ever. 0

The good: Amazing campaign although short - outstanding graphics - sharp sound - fun, amazing, addicting and deep multiplayer - good plot - awesome gameplay.The bad: short campaign.Unlike the previous call of duty games which were set only in the WWII setting. This game is set during modern times, Where you play as either S.A.S. or U.S.M.C.The plot is very simple yet very good at the same time.It turns out terrorists (big surprise) have gotten a hold of some nukes to blow up America.And in a twi...

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Probably the best battlefield game of all time. 0

The good: fantastic visuals - beyond amazing sound - pretty much everything can be destroyed - Has one of the best game modes of multiplayer history - awesome multiplayer - very good campaign - great acting (also funny).The bad: Weapons as usual in BF games dont feel all that powerful - you cant destroy a whole lot in the multiplayer - classes feel unbalanced - no co-op.The battlefield series has been known for its awesome multiplayer and crappy single player bot matches. But that all changes in...

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A very underrated game 0

Kung fu chaos is a fighting game (as if you couldn't tell by the name)A very fun fighting game with good single player and awsome fun multiplayer . lets start with the single player shall we? In the single player you can play as any character That is unlocked instead of having to just play one character over and over again Which makes it have some replay value for the single player there is a story ( I think ) if there is a story its basically just you trying to get on the road to fame by comple...

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Now the first max payne you played as a ex cop trying to figure out who killed your wife kid and best friend. But this time you are a cop (or detective)And this time its almost the same except this time you have mona sax on your side. Mona sax is wanted for murder and A a love interest of Max.Now the story in the first max payne was and is still good and Max payne 2 while its not as good as the first game's Plot it is still really good.So in Max payne in the end you get dragged off to jail in th...

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The best 3rd person shooter ever 0

In max payne (which is the name of the character and the game why i have no idea) anyway in max payne you play a cop which is a change of scenery for third person shooters.The game starts you out in your house which has just been broken in to by thugs who kill your wife your baby daughter and your best friend and of course the cops show up while your in the house looking at what the thugs have done the cops barge in and see you standing over your wife's body so they asume you did it and that is ...

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The best FPS for xbox 0

Now when I say best shooter ever I mean it, With a hardcore campaign and awesome multiplayer halo has something for everybody.Im going to start with the campaign so here goes nothing.Halo's campaign starts you out in your ship (or base) somewhere in outerspace while the covenant is attacking, Which makes for some pretty exciting and intense action in the first mission while in most other shooters the first mission is slow paced. But thats not the case in halo sure there are sometimes where the a...

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The next to best FPS for xbox 0

While some say Halo Combat evolved is better than Halo 2 They are both great in their own way. While halo 2 has better multiplayer and Halo CE has a hell of a good campaign. Im going to start with single player first so here goes nothing.The games campaign starts you out almost the excact same way in Halo ce meaning that you start out at your base which makes the game feel like its repeating its self which is good and bad.So anyway in halo ce you learn about "Halo" And in Halo 2 you learn that t...

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A Great shooter for the gamecube 0

when i got this game at christmas it was the only thing i played for the next week. anyway on to the game the game is supposed to be a souped up version of advanced wars but instead it got turned into a 3rd person shooter which im a big fan of. the gameplay is like any other 3rd person shooter what i mean by that is that you have to hold down the l-shoulder button to lock on to an enemy. but the other controls are very different such as using the A button to fire your weapon the B button to jump...

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