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Edit; Rex as in Wrex, right Vinny? You scoundrel you.

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If anyone wants a CS:GO invite for a Dota 2 key please let me know!

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Have; CS:GO invite.

Need; Dota 2 invite.

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also this is the ONLY song that should be associated with space jam.

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Love you Dave.

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Trying not to get too overly dramatic until we hear from the guys but everything points to the end of the Whiskey dream. ;(

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@GreatNorthern said:

@Dohers said:

Whiskey Media (Tested, Anime Vice, Screened) to be bought by BermanBraun. Giant Bomb, Comic Vine to be bought by someone else, possibly CBS Interactive (Gamespot CNET)

Jesus. And I almost tweeted to Alex earlier: "Oh man what if you guys were bought by CBSI? Gamespot lolz!"


Please say this is not real. The dream is collapsing..

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I'm Garrus Vakarian and this is the most homophobic spot on the Citadel!

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Mass Effect is probably one of my favourite game franchises ever but this From Ashes stuff has made me seriously considering boycotting. Never considered it with any game before but I feel like they are abusing the loyalty and devotion of the hardcore fans to a point where I cannot save face and give them my money at the same time.

You do it to yourself, EA.

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Experience is spelled incorrectly, Patrick.