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Intermittently, yes. SWTOR was my first MMO and so when I tried Star Trek I hated it immediately. The voice acting sells that game completely for me. I can tolerate the fetch quests and the MMO design/world/combat because the voice acting and genuine player choice makes it. I feel like without those two aspects this game would be barren of anything interesting to me.

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i would love to dig deeper into drugs, why thank you.

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Considering how much the discussion of summer jams infected the GB community discussion last summer, this seems like a totally okay thing to post here. If there is already a post, please delete. I did search.

This Is My Jam is a sort of music discovery/social media hybrid that is in a weird invite only sort of beta at the moment. I know for a fact that there are GB community members and moderators signed up and I thought it would be a cool thing to see more people use it. Anyone signed up has 5 invite codes to send out so anyone interested can either ask me or if you have anyone following you that is signed up then you can sign up straight through Twitter or Facebook.

Would be cool to see what you all listen to!

If you are already registered or want to add me, I am at

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Imperial Agent is amaaaaaaaaaaazing.

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I am Putin in-game by the way, roleplaying as the current Russian president as a Sith Warrior.

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Vinny and Alex.. I can't base it just off review scores! :(

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Yeah you idiot, they're owned by THQ.

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I just spat my water out seeing this on the front page. This was my favourite thing to come out of Ludum Dare this year.