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10am PST, I'm pretty sure I heard them say that. May be wrong though.

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Comfortable is pretty much the only thing of his that I have liked in the past five years.

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From probably the best break-up/divorce album ever created, this song is a motherfucking beast.

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The Replacements.

Fairly diverse and one of my favourites.

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@Crushed said:

happy birthday Ryan Davis's Brother Robin Davis, here's a picture of you as a communist assassin being shot, just what you always wanted


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There is no greater answer.

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I think the worst part about it is that you can equip a traffic cone onto your character and it won't show up on the sprite. How can you waste that kind of oppurtunity. I would rather not have loot than have unique loot that doesn't actually show up on the character at all. It's just lazy.

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@Slaker117: From what I have read on GAF, no quitting seems to be true.

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There's a whole patch list, there's a new mode and a new font for all the menu stuff. It's just not matchmaking for some people but it's a beta y'all, I understand.

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For some people at least.

I'm currently sitting on a wait of 35 mins and it's still just saying that it's Finding Player... I'm in the UK, dunno if that changes anything. Hope they can push out a fix soon as it's pretty much broken for me right now.