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Your steam name isnagov

Your location and what times you are available to play California, USA. M-F (7-9AM), S-Su (Variable) ALL PST

Experience Beginner

Favourite Hero/Role Support / Disabler

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Are any other PS3 players not getting any mission briefing audio from the shadowy council figure. Whenever I get story mission or event video and briefings with his silhouette moving as if he is talking, I still don't get audio for him. Is this a bug or just part of the game? It seems unlikely to me that a full-featured campaign lacks that audio for the main missions. If anyone has any experience with this or can confirm they are getting audio for those portions on their console/pc, please let me know.

For the record, his audio came through for the first one or two missions.

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Still an issue here in Los Angeles as well. Using business class Charter cable at work and at home. Videos keep stopping and starting on playback. I'm forced to download anything I want to watch which makes the impulse to visit and watch videos a drag.

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I'm in LA and it's insanely slow. At work and at home.

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Same problem here. Is anyone working on this? Or is there something I can do on my end to help?

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Same here: Latest Chrome and Windows 7.

Any help would be appreciated. Keep up the good work.

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@DarthOrange: Including Blu-Ray feels like a step back in a future that is so rapidly moving towards digital only distribution.

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Can anyone help me with link timing? I am still finding it difficult to nail the simple #7 Trial in challenge mode. It is getting better with practice, but I was hoping there was more of a trick to it. Anyone?

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Talking about Halo 2 the other day got me thinking about a common complaint when Halo 3 released: No clan support. I'm sure everyone remembers LAN games through their college dorm network and system-link games at a friend's house with Halo:CE. But when Halo 2 came out everything changed. We could use the internet to link up with strangers, we could play games with max players anytime we wanted. It was glorious for just a few weeks and then the floor fell out from under it. Everyone was an angry, vitriolic, sadist without social constraints. I found myself, like many I'm sure, debating if I could stand playing any longer in this hateful environment. Then I met a really nice guy who introduced me to a really nice group of guys and girls called "The Clan of Bobs." They were a social clan that had a place for me and treated me like family. Then, suddenly, I had hundreds of clanmates on at all times to play with and they were polite and helpful and wanted to play games for fun. To this day, I am still friends with my clanmates from the Bobs and my future competitive clan "The Winged Warriors." And I still find it difficult to make friends with other strangers on XBOX Live because they are so impolite and aggressive.

The greatest tool XBL ever gave us for making and keeping these friends was our clan name and clan status. Without it we had no sense of who we were. When Halo 3 was released without clan support every great community I saw around me began to crumble. What was once a badge of respect, intimidation, or allegiance was no ripped from our chest and thrown in the trash. We could no longer challenge someone or recruit someone to an idea and a mentality, we were just recruiting to ourselves. And alone, we are all the same evil broken people that we see in the public.

Did killing clans in Halo make this less of a community and therefore less important? Do you care about a game longer if you have a clan? How do you make friends online? Are you still friends with old clanmates?
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